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Residency Obstetrics & Gynecology, Armenian

I am a 27-year-old physician from Armenia who now resides in XXXX. I feel that I am qualified for a residency position in this area. I have known for years now that Obstetrics and Gynecology would be my particular focus both during and after medical school. I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Prenatal Care, and Screening, and looking forward to contributing to health reform in this area. Ultimately we want to lose no child as a failure to implement preventative medical procedures, good prenatal care, and screening. After completing my medical residency program in Ob/Gyn, I hope to develop a further specialization in the area of Fetal-Maternal Medicine/ prenatal care and screening. Ten years from now, I would like to be an established Ob/Gyn physician with a subspecialty in Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Since I am a very clinically active physician, I see myself as someone who has a lot to contribute to the academic medical world, and I am excited about research opportunities and especially teaching activities.

I have an extreme devotion to the field of Public Health and health economics policies, and practical strategies for providing high-quality and safe medical services within necessary budgetary restraints. My interest in Public Health goes back to my medical school years, when as a 5th-year medical student I published on "The Statistics of Medical Staff during World War 2" under the guidance of the chairman of the Public Health Department. Later, in 2008, I was accepted to a Program in Public Health Economics at the XXXX Institute. But I want to get my residency training first in my field, OB/Gyn, and later continue with a master's or Ph.D. I am fully prepared for a most rigorous and challenging experience in your residency program, and I fully appreciate the way that OB/Gyn is an incredibly demanding field, intellectually as well as physically. I am glad that I am doing this while I am still young so I can invest the full range of my energies in your program, making the very best of my understanding of public health and policy issues.

My short-term goal is to be accepted by a medical residency program in the US. This has been my dream since 20XX when I first time came to the US as a 4th-year medical exchange student. My boyfriend and I were walking in the area next to XXXX University, and I remember the building and my rising American dream that night as we found ourselves that night walking right by one of the best hospitals in the US and in the world. Since that moment, everything I have done has been geared toward getting to go to work in a hospital. I am sure of my ability to prove myself to be among the quickest of learners and hardest workers in your program, dedicated to pleasing all that I come into contact with.

I speak Russian as well as Armenian, and I have done extensive volunteer work in OB/Gyn and Intensive Care units under the supervision of the Chairmen of the Department at my medical school. I volunteer as a healthy lifestyle propagandizer at school as well. More recently, here in XXXX, I have been completing an observership with Dr. XXXX Road Medical Center. My passion for medicine, especially OB/Gyn, pushes me forward. This passion comes from very deep inside and will help me to go far in life and in my contributions to the practice of medicine.

Ob/Gyn is, for me, the area of medicine that best reflects the combination of science and art. As an art lover, I genuinely appreciate dramatic improvements in surgery, especially cesarean section, oncological gynecology, and obstetrical emergencies. OB/GYN provides the physician with the opportunity to see patients of all ages, from adolescence to old age; this helps to keep medicine in perspective over time, helping to keep one fit intellectually, personally, professionally, and emotionally fit. The further I went in my career, the more I realized that the OB/GYN is the area where I wanted to invest my most extraordinary energies. And I have done everything that I can to acquire the necessary knowledge base and its accompanying skills that are required to excel in this area. In addition to studying, I had administrative responsibilities as a manager of a student group. I was involved in the cultural/scientific life of the university, and still managed to find time for my passion as a volunteer in the department of OB/GYN. I am a multi-tasker who is fully capable of handling numerous simultaneous responsibilities, performing leadership roles, setting priorities, and organizing activities in academic and clinical environments with excellent efficiency. I trust that these qualities will help me to excel in your program, especially when confronted with complicated cases and surgical operations, during my residency training. 

I also have a great deal of cultural competency to contribute to the international diversity of your program since I have also completed an internship in XXXX, and I am an avid traveler. I also want to mention that my skills as a physician were also exceptionally refined, especially under pressure, caring for the employees of a mining company in Kapan, Armenia, Dundee Precious Metals. There, in particular, I learned how to become a brilliant team player, and I was pleased to have become a trusted employee for a massive company at a very young age. I believe the experience at XXXX will help me to be even more effective in my next opportunity to work as part of a team.

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