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Residency Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Saudi

There are several reasons why I have gradually gravitated towards the dedication of my professional life to the study and practice of diagnostic imaging radiology. Perhaps first and foremost, ever since I first began learning about radiology, I have been struck by its power to save lives as by achieving the correct diagnosis. I hope to make radiology my principal professional area of specialization throughout my career because of my attraction to the use of high technology to improve patient outcomes. I feel most at home using a device of some sort, especially when they are life-saving devices.

Having recently finished my MBBS Degree at Al XXXX University, I have so very much been enjoying the privilege of completing my internship rotations—July of 2014 through June 2015. I finished my degree with a GPA of 3.52 out of 5. My first rotations in July and August of 2014 were in Pediatrics at XXXX Hospital in XXXX, my hometown. In September, my process was in ENT at XXXX University Hospital King Saud University, October Ob/GYN at XXXX, Riyadh, where I remained in November for my rotation in Rehabilitation and December for Medical Imaging Radiology. In January, I was able to return home to XXXX for my course in Internal Medicine at King Saud Hospital.

A very hard worker and dedicated student, I am a humble doctor who seeks to become a highly successful radiologist, remarkably effective, creative, and always open to discovery and improvement. I especially appreciate how Radiology is such a highly specialized field, requiring enormous diligence and a desire for knowledge in many different areas of medicine. I feel that I am exceptionally well prepared to excel in your residency program at XXXX because of the diversity of my experience so far, taking electives, for example,  in different specialties such as ENT and fetal medicine, followed by Oby-Gyn, and finally radiology. Throughout the course of my experience in these other areas, I have become increasingly impressed by the way that radiology incorporates therapeutic as well as diagnostic dimensions, demanding excellence in technical skill and a broad base of knowledge concerning a vast array of medical areas. I have experience in the area of head and neck CT, for example, as well as assessment of the fetus.

Nothing compels me as strongly as the interpretation of radiology images. I thrive on the communication between team members that takes place in this assessment, interacting with patients and comforting them, especially in preparation for complicated procedures. I especially appreciate the integral role the radiologist plays in patient care with the constant diversity of challenging situations. Now that I have completed my elective in Radiology, I feel strongly that I have much to give to your distinguished residency program at XXXX. I have worked extensively with radiology as part of my other rotations as well, in internal medicine; for example, I worked with many whole basic images in both pulmonology and gastroenterology as part of my internal medicine rotation.

I have assisted with research in dual-energy CT applicationsLink in pulmonary diseases, which has been published in international journals. My recent experience at XXXX provided me with a solid foundation for excellence at XXXX, and I would be very proud to be part of your team. I plan to make XXXX my permanent home since I have a robust network of family and friends and would like to remain here to practice radiology.

I firmly believe that I have the attributes to be a successful radiologist. I am intellectual and have an analytical mind, allowing me to enjoy the challenge of tackling complex problems. I am an organized person who possesses strict attention to detail. I ask the right questions and enjoy interacting and collaborating with other medical professionals, to ensure that a correct diagnosis is made.

Furthermore, I am approachable and light-hearted yet dedicated, competent, and driven. I believe these qualities will make me a better radiologist by being someone others will want to work with. I feel that I have a natural ability to get along well with others and I have always enjoyed working as part of a team. I am also confident in my ability to relate to patients as well as colleagues, under a wide variety of conditions. I understand from my personal acquaintances with many of the residents at XXXX that there is a high level of satisfaction within your program.

In my opinion, no other radiology residency program can match what your program at XXXX has to offer me in terms of empowering me to achieve my most important goal of distinction in the field of radiology.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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