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Endocrinology Residency, VA Hospital

The clinical characteristics of the disease, the biological basis for understanding disease processes, and the rational approaches to diagnosing and treating conditions have always intrigued me. Acquiring medical education was very rewarding because while gaining knowledge of complicated biochemical and physiological processes in the human body, I realized the importance of interpersonal skills and doctor-patient interaction. I met various engaging patients, and by spending many hours interviewing them, I won their trust to find the best ways to help them physically and emotionally.

My early medical career began with an internship in pediatrics, where I decided to explore different specialties. Although the training was a tremendous clinical learning experience, I needed a broader range of doctor-patient interactions. This drew me to explore other fields of medicine to find a specialty that links recent scientific advances with clinical practice, and the management of the diseases can be based on sound physiological concepts. I decided to pursue a career in internal medicine, but fate had other plans for me.

During my training, I got married and joined my husband, a software engineer in the United States. The challenging task of motherhood followed. Being an avid believer that everything in life happens for a purpose, this experience has been very fulfilling for me. It improved my life considerably as I have become gratified that I have a supportive partner who encourages me to pursue my dreams. While raising a family, I devoted time to my children’s school, where I met and worked with many families in my community. It provided me a chance to understand social and cultural aspects of life in general, and it was beautiful to think that someday these interactions may include me as a doctor.

While raising a family, I had the opportunity to join the Internal Medicine Clinic at Samaritan Hospital. My experience at Good Sam further confirmed my interest in medicine. I was impressed by the wide variety of clinical experiences ranging from the common cold to hypertension and diabetes. Most recently, I have also acquired experience as a volunteer research assistant at Hospital. This has exposed me to the health care delivery issues in various clinical settings, and I am better equipped to navigate the problems of managed care.

I am a general internist with a particular passion for endocrinology, and I hope to publish in this field in the future. My interest in clinical research led me to seek a more academic environment, so I joined the Center for Health Services, an affiliate of the University and VA Hospital. Where I have worked with a very enthusiastic team of research scientists who are working to find the cause of the most commonly occurring nosocomial infections. My research experience has immensely highlighted the importance of general internal medicine as a comprehensive primary patient-care system specializing in the diagnosis and management of complex medical problems. I am interested in undertaking research-oriented projects in a clinical setting as part of my academic career.

To remain clinically active, I joined Health System as a Crisis Worker; my responsibilities include screening psychiatric patients for possible suicidal or homicidal ideation and planning their disposition from ED. This experience provided me insight into problems faced by inner-city residents and made me culturally competent with a multi-ethnic population. 

Practicing medicine is a special privilege; I feel that being an Internist is the highest privilege. As an applicant, I have the intellectual capacity, real-world experience, tenacity, and courage to excel in my residency training. I am eager to demonstrate my skills and unique experiences.

I look forward to bringing my maturity, enthusiasm, and determination to add to the success of my residency program.

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