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Residency Emergency Medicine, Latina Doctor ER

I have focused my sights on the practice of emergency medicine ever since I began medical school. I have always enjoyed taking risks, and I feel most comfortable working under high pressure. I like the adrenaline rush, generally speaking, it goes with my style. This is also why I spend my vacations surfing, the intense action. While doing my emergency medicine and EMS rotations, I became addicted to this high-pressure environment, the challenge and enormous responsibility, and the necessity of making split-second decisions. In the emergency room, you cannot let fear hold you back; one must act, almost on reflex. This is how I feel when I am headed into a wave on my surfboard.

I cannot imagine wanting to do anything else other than practice emergency medicine. When I first attended a meeting of an emergency medicine interest group, my attention was immediately drawn to the discussions of the high-pressure environment that called for split-second decision-making. It was during my fourth year of medical school that I was able to do a rotation in ER, and from that moment forward, my mind has been made up that this is the area of medicine in which I hope to distinguish myself as a physician.

I also very much appreciate the enormously wide variety of people, situations, diseases, and other medical conditions that one faces in ER. Being the first to provide medical care to a patient is an invaluable and highly fulfilling experience. I am enormously confident that I am very well suited to the role of ER physician since I thrive on the intensity, the stress, and the enormous expenditure of energy that is required.

 I am an energetic, active, compassionate, empathetic, and friendly person, and I feel strongly that working as an ER Physician is my destiny. The schedule is also an essential part of my decision to choose emergency medicine because while one work’s really hard during one’s shift, when you finish, you are finished for the day and do not have to worry about night calls. I will bring to your residency program an active, polite, hardworking, responsible, and caring resident.

 Another reason why I believe that I excel as an ER physician is that people who work in the ER have to be good at personal relations, especially since you are the first one to have an interaction with the patient. You are on the front line of a critical situation, and accurate communication with the patient is vital for the diagnosis and prognosis of acute conditions. I have always been good at personal relations, establishing an empathetic rapport with patients from the beginning and dealing with any problem or situation at hand. My rigorous exercise program helps me to keep my mind clear, and I come to work refreshed each day. Finally, I keenly look forward to working with people from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds or sexual orientations. Since I am a Latina from Puerto Rico, I also sincerely hope to be of great value to your program insofar as I will be able to most effectively treat Hispanic patients with limited to no ability to communicate in English.

 Healing the sick makes me a pleased person; it completely fulfills me on moral, spiritual, and professional levels. I always strive to do the very best that I can for my community and my patients. I look forward to becoming involved with not only patient education programs but also community education programs to heighten awareness of the need for preventive medicine practices and the need to abide by safety regulations to prevent accidents.

 I was raised in various parts of Puerto Rico, from Fajardo to Caguas, then Yauco, Guayanilla, Ponce, Mayaguez and Rincon. I grew up around nature, spending most of my free time at the beach. I am currently in my 4th year of medical school at the Ponce School of Medicine and will be graduating this coming May of 2011. The most significant contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to give patients the very best care possible. My dream is to be happy and to help people around me to be satisfied too. I am a cosmopolitan young woman who loves diversity. I have learned to appreciate many different cultures since I have traveled to many other parts of the world: Canada, the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, Costa Rica, the US Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, England, Finland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Spain. These experiences have helped me to understand different cultures and ways of life, and to develop a profound respect for different beliefs and points of view. I also paid special attention to learning as much as I could about the practice of medicine in each of these places, which has helped me to become a better physician as well.

 I sincerely hope to have an interview and an opportunity to meet you. It would be a profound pleasure to have the privilege of giving my all to your program.

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