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Residency Dermatology, Cross-cultural, Africa

For over seven years, I have dedicated my life, in terms of a highly decorated academic path and professional experiences, five of which have been purely clinical work, to the study of medicine. Each experience has led logically to the next, building on the previous one while ever-increasing my clinical acumen. Additionally, the accolades I have received speak of my determination and personal maxims for excellence in all endeavors I undertake.

Last year, I embarked upon a residency assignment in IM, a study in which I proved my work ethic, ability to remain focused in emergencies as well as my solid foundation in basic science, physiology, and clinical acumen. I quickly discovered, though, that the specialty was not a good fit for who I am as a physician or the outcomes I expected from entering medical school in the first place. In reality, I found the Internist's work was hampered by the third party and managed care constraints, coupled with long-term and disappointingly superficial patient-doctor relationships.

IM consistently gave me the level of direct patient contact I have always craved, but not the story of hands-on procedures that bring me such intensely personal and professional satisfaction, the outlet for my kinesthetic sensibilities. Moreover, Dermatology brings with it the appeal of having standard treatment protocols, within a field that allows for therapeutic decisions that bring about relatively rapid results. I prefer a lot of medicine in which satisfaction in my work comes more immediately, coupled with meaningful patient contact.

In the most practical terms, Dermatology residencies offer largely procedure-oriented learning, which is an excellent fit for my skill set. What is more, given the influx of diverse patients into America's healthcare system, I feel that my level of cultural competency will aid me invaluably in my work. Being born and raised in Nigeria gave me a distinct worldview; in fact, Nigeria represents over 250 different ethnic groups. My skills, therefore, are not only medical, but also cross-cultural, a solid foundation with which to work from as I serve diverse patients and work with other medical professionals of differing backgrounds, interacting as effectively as possible.

And yet, all of this sounds so clinical compared to my most profound reasons for pursuing Dermatology, reasons that have their roots of appreciation in my academic foundation in Psychology. In our daily lives, as social beings, not just as doctors, we deal with faces. Our visage, and how we appear to others and ourselves often govern our self-esteem, even self-efficacy. The impact the Dermatologist can have on not just the health of our patients, but on how they conduct their lives, how they carry themselves, or perceive themselves is phenomenal.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity and challenge of a quality Dermatology residency, and helping my patients not simply heal, but to be able to lead profoundly changed lives. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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