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Residency Family Medicine, Artificial Reproduction

The birth process always mystified me; a single living cell growing to become a human being is a true miracle of nature. Moreover, the gentle feel of newborns, their smiles, and the happiness on their mother’s faces attracted me to Robyn, and these feelings were reinforced during medical school. Later, I completed my post-graduation with 3 years of training in ob-gyn at our tertiary care teaching hospital. There, I learned to care for pregnant mothers, deliver babies, and care for newborns in a neonatal intensive care unit.

During my training, I had the incredible opportunity to assist and perform major and minor operations. My post-graduate clinical work further improved my skills and gave me the confidence to operate independently. I learned to manage medical complications of pregnancy and handle obstetric emergencies. Detecting malpresentation, monitoring labor progress, and working on patients with cord prolapse and placenta previa was a great learning experience. Equally exciting were different fields of infertility medicine, fetal medicine, urogynecology, gynecology, and family planning counseling. To further hone my skills as an obstetrician and gynecologist, I learned to use a laparoscope and ultrasound. 

Through my experiences, I discovered both my strengths and shortcomings. While I can make critical patient care decisions in stressful situations, I learned my limitations and recognized when to ask for assistance. Clinically I can establish a good rapport with my patients and put them at ease. Alleviating the fears of infertility patients, expectant mothers, and their anxious relatives daily showed me that caring and curing went together. Contact with patients was always touching, and their happy faces gave me much fulfillment in my chosen profession. 

My goals are simple, to learn constantly so that I can teach and heal. During residency, artificial reproductive technology and laparoscopy are two areas I wish to explore with the option of possible advanced training further. I am devoted to both my family and profession, and I consider myself fortunate that I have a loving spouse who is very supportive of my work. My choice of obgyn will throw many challenges and rigorous demands which I am ready to face. I look forward to continue my education in obgyn in an academically strong residency program.

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