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Family Medicine Residency CARMS Canada, Pakistani

Being selected for your residency program in Family Medicine would represent the attainment of my ideal professional position. For the past eight years, I have been wholly devoted to my work with the University Health Network and Toronto XXXX Hospital as a Medical Imaging Technologist. As a recent immigrant to Canada from Pakistan, for various reasons, practicing medicine has not been entirely within my reach until now. I am now fully settled into our medical system, and, most importantly, working every day for the past eight years in a hospital with a wide variety of health care professionals, patients, and their families. Thus, I feel strongly that I have developed the kinds of people skills and level of clinical awareness that would make me an excellent family physician.

I like to listen to people’s medical issues and search for the right solution. I currently work with some patients who are nervous and anxious; some have phobias about needles, others are claustrophobic, and I have become adept at relaxing them so that we can do the exam. During my clinical rotations at medical school and later during my practice as a family physician, I have always particularly enjoyed working with families, listening to their problems, and making them aware of various options. My communication skills are now developed to the point where I feel strongly that I could excel at family medicine because of my ability to win the confidence of my patients so that they share confidential information, which is essential for diagnosis and treatment.

I am an experienced physician not only in the area of Family Medicine, but also in Ob/Gyn and General Surgery. Providing counseling to patients has been part of my daily practice for many years, and I have found my recent observership in Psychiatry to be especially helpful in preparation for excelling as a family doctor. My work experience at Toronto Western Hospital has helped me to fully understand the Canadian health system, particularly in the areas of ethics and safety standards. My sustained exposure for so many years to so many diverse medical challenges at Toronto Western has enabled me to become adept at connecting not only with the patients but also their families, as well as the community in general. With my background and experience, I firmly believe that family medicine is the best fit for me to distinguish myself as a physician best.

One of the things that I have appreciated most about working in a downtown Toronto Hospital, has been the opportunity to deal with people from so many different racial, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds.  I am a person who likes to help other people; it is my greatest joy, and I often find myself staying on well after my shift has concluded if I feel in any way that my patients need me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration of my application.

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