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Family Medicine Residency, Doctor from Ukraine

Like most young people, I was an idealist looking for a way to do my part in improving the world, and as my brother was studying medicine and immensely enjoying it, I decided to follow him in that field. It is a decision that I have never regretted.

I worked as a nurse in my home country of Ukraine before qualifying as a physician in 1998 and then working in emergency care in a massive hospital in Kharkiv, which provided me with extensive diagnostic experience that has been further developed in my current role. Since coming to the US in 2002, I have worked in various ancillary medical jobs before qualifying as a Registered Nurse in 2005 and then as a Certified Nurse Practitioner in 2011. I have found my work as a CNP in a hospitalist role very satisfying. Still, following several rotations in some of the best Family Medicine clinics in New Mexico, I have been drawn to that specialism. I now seek the enhanced training and knowledge to enable me to practice as a physician in that discipline in the US.

My role as a CNP has called for significant autonomy, and an awareness of the importance of cross-disciplinary cooperation and effective team working for optimum outcomes, and this experience impacts directly on the role that I now seek. My extensive nursing experience has also provided me with the substantial patient and relation interaction which will serve me well in the role of Family Practitioner. I am also aware of the importance of being sensitive to non-verbal signals indicating when further probing of a situation might be desirable.

Working in a hospital that primarily serves low-income, underinsured or uninsured populations, I have noticed a high rate of readmissions to the hospital and a worsening in chronic conditions in people who do not have reliable access to primary care providers. I feel that I can maximize my usefulness in the field of medicine by qualifying as a Family Practitioner and then providing excellent healthcare and preventative education in an underserved community and to ‘setting down roots there. I hope to create and maintain long-term relationships with a loyal patient base and with the broader community. It is clear that the more familiar a physician is with a patient and their family background and social and working environments, the more effective they can be.

I am passionate about promoting preventative health education rather than being involved solely in symptom management.  In the long term, I hope to be able to have a positive effect on the particularly significant areas of obesity/nutrition and diabetes/hypertension, which mainly affect the kinds of communities that I hope to assist.  It is clear that some current health education programs are not particularly effective. I would be very interested in helping in research related to the comparative effectiveness of education techniques and identifying the most effective for broader application.

I am conscious that cultural awareness and sensitivity are critical in practicing Family Medicine. I have happily worked with, studied alongside, and treated people from many social and cultural backgrounds. I am from a culture where hospitality, personal warmth, and a well-developed sense of humor are the norm. Happily, I have acquired these traits and relate well to others enabling me to create and develop friendly and trusting relationships quickly.

I am, of course, very aware of the effects of the aging of the population and recognize this as a significant and growing challenge that is particularly relevant in the area of Family Medicine. I am from a culture where the aged are treated with special care, and respect, and I relate well to the aged and look forward to assisting them in maintaining health, well-being, and independence for as long as possible.   

I regard it as essential that those exposed to sometimes distressing situations and who work in a pressurized working environment should seek to be ‘well-rounded’ and to find effective means of recreation. I love swimming, and family life and greatly enjoy traveling to expose myself to new cultures and people.

I am confident that I possess the natural characteristics, training, experience, and potential that will enable me to excel in a Family Medicine residency for my own professional development and the benefit of my future patients.

Thank you for considering my application.

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