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Cardiology Fellowship, African Applicant

I was born, raised, and went to medical school in Ethiopia, where most modern medical tools such as CT scans and MRIs were unavailable. Nevertheless, my professors insisted that the most critical medical information is always obtained from interviews with and observation of the patients. I decided to come to the US for further training and experience because this is where the latest medical advances are being made. I have now had the opportunity to build on the basic skills that I learned in medical school and to learn about the latest medical advances throughout the course of my residency program.

I decided to concentrate first and foremost on cardiology and have been working very hard to learn everything that I can about cardiovascular disease and its treatment.  I have been working in a hospital since finishing my residency program and have continued to develop my particular interest in the study of the human heart and the challenges that it represents to the field of medicine. Throughout the last year-and-a-half, I have been doing research projects. One of my papers was selected for poster presentation at the American Society of XXXX annual conference in Denver, and another paper of which I am a co-author. It is submitted for publication to the Clinical Journal of the American Society of XXXX. Currently, I am discussing with one of the cardiologists at XXXX to research subjects including OSA and diastolic dysfunction, investigating the benefit of treating diastolic dysfunction by current guidelines.

I have extensive experience working in difficult and dangerous situations, working in Somalia, for example, where I directed the rebuilding and operation of a hospital that had been closed because of war. Next, I ran a medical service in a camp for Rwandan refugees in Tanzania.

I want to study cardiology because cardiology requires dedication, precision, a lot of hard work, and good technical skills; I had known that I wanted to be a cardiologist since medical school, working in the physiology lab, where I learned about Einthoven's triangle and when I was was was first saw echocardiograms. I believe that I have the necessary skills and a high level of motivation to become an excellent cardiologist. I am a very dedicated and hardworking physician, with a solid background of medical knowledge and experience. I possess advanced procedural skills and work exceptionally well with my colleagues; I have always treated patients with the tremendous respect and dignity, consistently placing a top priority on their safety. I also have good written and communication skills.

I have been inspired by the example of the early cardiologists who labored to identify and treat complex cardiac problems based on a simple physical examination, looking at jugular venous waves or palpating carotid arteries. And I learned a great deal throughout my years in internal medicine at XXXX Hospital. I have acquired a great deal of experience treating patients with cardiac problems at the XXXX, where the patient population is older, and the majority of patients suffer from heart disease; I have always strived to improve my physical exam skills especially auscultation. It is my hope you will find me a suitable candidate for your cardiology fellowship program and I hope to have the opportunity to give my all to your program.

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