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Fellowship Pulmonary Critical Care

For the past decade, I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my medical education and professional experiences. I came to America primarily to pursue the finest training in Internal Medicine in a country in which there are advanced technologies, as well as countless opportunities for professional development. A fellowship in P/CCM is a logical progression for my career. From the time I was working in chest medicine as a Senior House Officer in the UK, I have had my eyes trained upon an employment in Pulmonary Critical Care.

My profound engagement with and aptitude for the diagnosing and management of pulmonary cases has enabled me to I flourish as an influential member of the multidisciplinary team that works within the ICU environment and attains a high level of mastery of multitasking management, adept at anticipating and reacting to unforeseen circumstances. I have a proven track record in real-world situations. Decisive by nature, I try always to act rather than react in the management of the critically ill patient. Never losing sight of the multiple system character of this management, I labor mightily every day to fully address the unique demands of family members, even though they can be, at times, difficult to accommodate.

My time in the Berkshires in the UK helped to develop further not only my clinical insight, but my organizational skills, proficiency in time management, and my leadership skills. My training in the Community Program was instrumental in developing my confidence and autonomy in patient management, as there were no supervising fellows. Thus, this environment was especially conducive to my building leadership abilities in the organization of rounds, constantly aware of the need to use our resources with high degrees of efficiency. I brought these skills with me to America and put them to work, particularly during my clinical elective at the University of XXXX Medical Center.

My exposure to numerous departments, including Geriatric Medicine, the Acute Stroke Unit, Accident Emergency, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, and Internal Medicine, have prepared me for the challenge of addressing an array of illnesses that affect multiple organ systems within the scope of Critical Care Medicine. My extensive work in Chest Clinics in the UK has given me an excellent overview of the complexities of Pulmonary Medicine, including chronic lung disease, and has served as a most effective primer in the more complex diagnostic procedures, interpretation of pulmonary\ function tests, cardiopulmonary exercise tests, and bronchoscopy, practicing and solidifying my knowledge of physiology. Among my greatest strengths is my ability to think on my feet, make prompt yet thoughtful decisions, and solve multiple, complex diagnostic problems in patient management simultaneously.

I anticipate working within an academic institution or teaching hospital, always while maintaining a close connection with the practice of Critical Care and Pulmonology. My extensive professional and educational experiences, in India, England, Northern Ireland, and the US, have enabled me to cultivate the ability to interact most effectively with people of many different cultural backgrounds and creeds. Someday, I hope to bring this ability with me to the classroom, teaching medical professionals from around the world.

To be a part of an exceptional critical care team, serving the critically ill with an unwavering pursuit of thorough and compassionate care - a genuine empathy for the suffering - this is my long and short-term career goal, service to the fullest, my own personal maxim. I look forward to my fellowship assignment and a long and rewarding career dedicated to lifelong learning. No other field could ever bring me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction. I thank you for your time and consideration of my application. It would be a more incredible honor if I were to be selected for an interview.

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