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Fellowship Hematology/Oncology, Indian

A doctor from India who is now a permanent resident of the USA, I hope to be accepted to a Hematology/Oncology fellowship position because this is very much the area in which I want to specialize as my heart is very much in the struggle against cancer. A very hard worker, I adapt quickly to new work environments. With high energy, a great deal of focus, and determination, I feel strongly that I have much to contribute to your program.

After finishing medical school in 2003 in my native India, I immediately began giving my all as a Primary Care Physician. I continued to do so through June of 2011, shortly before moving to the USA and making my home here in America. Since July of 2015, I have been working as a resident (PGY-2) in the Department of Internal Medicine at the XXXX Hospital Center in XXXX, New York. Before this position, from July of 2014 to July of 2015, I served at the same facility as an Intern.

My greatest love, however, is research. I am applying to your distinguished and competitive fellowship program in Hematology/Oncology to have once again the profound privilege of a complete immersion in research. I am especially pleased that I already have significant experience as a professional full-time research investigator working with the Department of International Medicine at Wayne State University’s Detroit Medical Center from November of 2013 to June of 2014. Before this, my first position in the USA, was an Externship in the Department of Primary Care/Radiology at XXXX Medical Center in XXXX, Virginia.

Research and volunteering my time go hand in hand for me, and I have given countless helping others with their investigation. Since June of 2013, I have served as a Research Volunteer for the Department of Internal Medicine at the XXXXMedical Center.

I hope someday to open a cancer care center in southern India. Oncologists are few and far between in India and are in desperate need of many more highly trained physicians in this area.  Nothing excites me more than promising research. I am particularly enthused about the prospect of learning everything that I can about cancer prevention and early screening. I hope to work in an academic setting in the future and look forward to maintaining close ties with the literary world of medicine to balance my professional life.

Much of my heart will always be back in India since it is the land and culture of my birth and childhood. Learning about the many challenges that India faces in terms of providing anywhere near adequate medical attention for its vast population only increased my love for my country. I have been working with Solidarity & Action against HIV Infection in India (SAATHII) from June of 2013 to today. This part of my identity is especially critical to me, working to address the challenges of tomorrow in proactive ways.

Now, I look forward very much to the prospect of pouring my heart and soul into the struggle against cancer as a Research Fellow in your distinguished program in Hematology/Oncology. Thank you for considering my application.   

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