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IM, Gynecological Oncology, Indian Applicant

I will never forget being seven years old and standing in front of an applauding audience, clad in a white apron holding a toy stethoscope. On that day of our dress-up competition, my little mind resolved to become a doctor, and playing Surgeon or Doctor was my favorite childhood pastime. My infantile fantasy took a turn for the severe side in the 8th grade when my science teacher encouraged me to make my dream a reality and suggested that I read “The Final Diagnosis” by Arthur Hailey. I was hooked for good.  In 1989, at the age of 18, I entered the premises of the M.L.N. Medical College, one of India´s finest, with my head held high, as number one on the state-wide merit list—happy, proud, dreaming of conquering the world.

 My years spent in Medical School were a time of profound personal, intellectual, and emotional growth. I trace my interest in specializing in the field of Internal Medicine to my third year, when I immersed myself in the intrigue of cell cycles and aced the pharmacology exam by explaining the mechanism of action of anti-neoplastic drugs about the cell cycle, even though I had to struggle to observe their toxicities in the oncology ward. The highlight of this period of my life was watching patients return for repeat cycles of chemotherapy, with heightened expectations, ready to take the torture with a smile, hoping to live a few more glorious weeks or months of precious life. The courage of these patients, warding off desperation and depression, and fighting on, continue to inspire my own resolve as a physician to this day.

 Critically analyzing patients´ conditions in a holistic fashion commensurate with their lifestyle and social setting has always been central to my philosophy as a physician. For 20 years now, I have been an avid reader of medical literature, especially in the area of Internal Medicine, and I have numerous publications in this and related areas, as well as a long track record of participation in professional conferences. I am a life-long learner; I live for medical progress and advances in our field.

 I also feel strongly that my extensive experience as a Radiation Oncologist will help me to perform very well in an internal medicine residency program; I have been a witness to the battle between life and death and, over the years, and have come to treasure the importance of the doctor-patient relationship in the struggle to preserve life. I have met the challenges of managing numerous oncology patients in some of the most prestigious of cancer centers and hospitals in my native India, where I have worked on inter-disciplinary teams implementing top-quality patient care. As someone who has always been very goal-oriented and welcoming of new challenges, I look forward to beginning a residency position in the United States and sharing and learning with my new American colleagues. My professional experiences to date have prepared me well to deal with obstacles. I am determined, resilient, strong, and compassionate, and I give my all to the practice of medicine. As most keenly look forward to practicing medicine in the US and, I believe that these characteristics, coupled with my extensive experience, will enable me to contribute a great deal to your program and prove to be a valuable asset.

 My experiences have been enriching because I have identified with patients and deeply admire their courage in facing an uncertain prognosis. I anticipate that working in internal medicine will be equally rewarding, and I am most excited about the prospects of aligning myself with an Internal Medicine Residency Program in the most medically advanced country in the world. Following the invaluable experience of several years working in an Internal Medicine Residency program, my long-term career goal is to obtain a fellowship in Medical or Gynecological Oncology to emerge as an exceedingly highly accomplished Oncologist and medical researcher and practitioner.

 I have excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills with the flexibility and experience required to remain highly focused and self-possessed while working in an extremely fast-paced and demanding medical environment. I am accustomed to managing numerous complex clinical situations simultaneously. And I am a hands-on team player with highly refined skills in critical analysis. I adapt quickly to working with new systems and in new environments. I am a seasoned practitioner, and I believe that I have the qualifications and enthusiasm that you are looking for in a future resident for your esteemed program. I am most excited about the prospect of a personal interview, and I thank you for considering my application.

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