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ICU Residency, Anesthesiology, Nigerian

For over seven years, I have dedicated my life, in terms of a highly decorated academic path and professional experiences, five of which have been purely clinical work, to the study of medicine. Each experience has led logically to the next, building on the previous one while ever-increasing my clinical acumen. Additionally, the accolades I have received speak of my determination and personal maxims for excellence in all endeavors I undertake.

Last year I embarked upon a residency assignment in IM, a study in which I proved my work ethic, ability to remain focused in emergencies, and solid foundation in basic science, physiology, and clinical acumen. I quickly discovered, though, that the specialty was not a good fit for my skills and sensibilities. In reality, I found the Internist's work was hampered by the third party and managed care constraints, coupled with long-term and disappointingly superficial patient-doctor relationships.

Having worked alongside and in conjunction with highly competent anesthesiologists as a part of multidisciplinary medical team experiences, I was impressed with and highly intrigued by several aspects of the specialty. Moreover, this experience has solidified my certainty that I am now on precisely the right path, and that my aptitudes and skill set are ideal for serving patients in the setting of pain management. Indeed, I have found that I get greater personal and professional satisfaction from performing hands-on procedures than from documentation and the unwinding or stemming of the progress of the chronic disease. For me, anesthesiology provides the opportunity for rapid, therapeutic decision-making thinking on my feet, utilizing definitive, prescribed measures as events unfold. Furthermore, I find working behind the scenes, keeping a patient stable throughout a surgery, or being called upon to intubate, place central lines, or epidurals more immediately gratifying, coupled with my ability to establish a rapport and trusting relationship with patients quickly.

Through my experiences and rotations, being involved with general and regional anesthesia in the settings of pain management, and critical care - many aspects of peri-operative anesthesia consultation work - I have found that my passion is with clinical pharmacology and the challenges in which a life hangs in the balance. I feel I would get tremendous satisfaction from tipping the scales in favor of the patient in these delicate situations, using my skills, education, and passion for teamwork to save a life. Combined with this is my desire to make my patients as comfortable as possible, if not ultimately bring about the cessation of pain.

Through a quality anesthesiology residency program, I anticipate developing a more in-depth understanding of understanding the mechanisms and factors related to prolonged post-surgical pain, and the ways by which acute pain can be measured more readily. Having conducted some research in the field, I am particularly interested in the effects of anesthetic exposure on neurocognition and adult learning. Providing compassionate care as an anesthesiologist or pain specialist, I plan to serve the community within a private group practice in a suburban locale.

Given the influx of diverse patients into America's healthcare system, I feel that my level of cultural competency will aid me invaluably in my work. Being born and raised in Nigeria gave me a distinct worldview; in fact, Nigeria represents over 250 different ethnic groups. My skills, therefore, are not only medical, but also cross-cultural, a solid foundation with which to work from as I serve diverse patients and work with other medical professionals of differing backgrounds, interacting as effectively as possible.

Having completed a year of medical residency, I have been given a taste of the autonomy and first-hand experience the anesthesiologist role represents, and I feel I am ready for the opportunity and challenge of anesthesiology. More importantly, a residency assignment in Anesthesiology with opportunities to develop my ICU repartee would enable me to fulfill my need for advanced intellectual challenges and desire to aid patients on their path to recovery, making that path as pain-free as possible. I will always seek to serve my patients in this manner as no other field has nor ever could bring me the same level of fulfillment. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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