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LOR Anesthesiology for Japanese Doctor #1

Name, MD

Professor, University of XXXX
City /State/Country

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a professor in the Department of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery at the XXXX University Hospital in Japan. I am happy to have this opportunity to recommend my colleague XXXX for a residency position in the United States in his area, of anesthesiology. It has become increasingly clear to me that XXXX is a brilliant anesthesiologist. It has been a great pleasure for me to work with him on numerous occasions when we operate on a patient in his hospital.

I have been particularly impressed with how XXXX is always eager to accept even the most difficult of cases. His dedication to his vocation is most impressive, the way that he always retains his calm, focus, and engagement with the patient and the team. Over a brief period, he has achieved a level of mental toughness that I generally only see in older physicians. The experience that he has gained here in Japan has been invaluable. I have personally had the privilege of observing him caring for the critically ill over the last four years.

Dr. XXXX communicates very efficiently not only with surgeons, but with other coworkers as well. He is a highly professional anesthesiologist and contributes enormously to maintaining a smooth work environment. I have personally observed his intelligent management of all issues arising in the area of pediatric cardiac anesthesiology. He has inspired our entire staff, nurses, perfusionists, and surgeons, who are confident of his ability. His delivery of anesthesia is always stable and highly organized, so that I can fully concentrate on my surgeries without fearing for the patient’s stability.

I also went to medical school with Dr. XXXX at XXXX University, where we both played on the rugby team and where he also distinguished himself as a leader while serving as vice-captain of the group. He clearly takes delight in inspiring others, and this helps to motivate the team on which he does. I have been honored by his continuing to assist me at XXX children’s hospital when we need someone with his level of courage, to attend to some of more difficult cases. Thus, it is a profound pleasure to recommend Dr. XXXX for service with your distinguished institution.


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