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LOR Anesthesiology for Japanese Doctor #2

Name, MD

Professor of Anesthesiology, University of XXXX
City /State/Country

To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Doctor XXXX for the past several years. I had the privilege of working with him for two years and very much appreciated his excellent performance as an assistant professor in our department. It was a privilege to oversee his work because of his high level of dedication and especially his creative approaches and insight concerning avenues of research inquiry.

During his time with us, XXXX made enormous strides at mastering all things having to do with cardiac anesthesia in particular. I feel very strongly that Dr. XXXX has a great deal to contribute to any program, which should be fortunate enough to have him join their team in the area of anesthesiology. He is a cutting-edge practitioner in his field, and his drive and sense of humor help to quickly make him seem indispensable.

His students were most impressed with the Dr. XXXX’s passion for teaching and research and his ability as a teacher, which gives me additional confidence in my recommendation of XXXX for your program. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he also managed our OR once a week as an attending anesthesiologist, supervising residents and medical students. He communicated exceptionally well with staff nurses and other coworkers and worked the whole OR very efficiently, inspiring the surgeons with confidence due to his organization of morning conferences and presentations for and by residents.

XXXX always took the time to explain things very clearly to residents and students alike about how we can do our best for patients. He is incredibly enthusiastic about clinical research, particularly in the area of circulatory management, where he has presented his achievement at several annual meetings of anesthesiologists, and I am sure that he has a promising future in research as well as teaching.


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