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LOR Family Medicine Residency, Canada, #2

Dear Program Director:

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of XXXX for a residency position in the area of family medicine. I have been training Dr. XXXX since May, and I am incredibly favorably impressed with her vast energy and dedication to her field.  I am XXXX M.D., and I have worked as a Family doctor for over 30 years. My clinic is in Surrey, BC, Canada: the XXXX Medical Clinic. I have been privileged to care for many thousands of patients in Canada from all walks of life, cultivating specializations in some of the areas that are most intimately related to Family Medicine, particularly Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology. I am also a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia. I am recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, Canada, for supervising residents and IMG clinical trainees. I am the Founder and President of the B.C. Hepatitis B Society, the Canadian Health Awareness Society, and the Pacific Chinese Culture Society of Canada.

As Dr. XXXX’s clinical supervisor, I highly recommend her for a residency position in Family Medicine. I am convinced that you will be most pleased that you selected her.  XXXX is a compassionate, mature, and very hard-working doctor who has a special gift for dealing with sickness in the context of the family. She treats patients with empathy and shows compassion when appropriate. She communicates effectively and efficiently with her patients, as a confident physician. She has demonstrated competent medical knowledge, and she also uses good judgment. Her record-keeping is neat, systematic, and timely.  She is friendly with other doctors and staff members.

She also has a very keen mind for research, and her assistance has been invaluable to me in this area as well. As she has been helping me to collect data for my analysis in the regions of Hypertension and Osteoporosis. I highly recommend Dr. Ko because of her advanced cognitive and problem solving concerning patient behavior, attitude, and general management. Always punctual, and highly motivated, she has become a master at communication to consistently maintain excellent working relationships. I strongly believe that Dr. XXXX’s extensive academic background, medical training, and professionalism make her an excellent candidate for your residency program.


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