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Wherever I go, I adapt, I learn the language, I volunteer, and I know. My education has taken me to three continents, and I have learned to speak three languages fluently as an adult. My practice of medicine has been a service that has been preparing me for a lifetime of service to our children.

In September of 2005, I supported some of the victims of Hurricane Katrina housed in the Houston Astrodome. While the city was in darkness, the system's wheels moved painfully, almost motionlessly slow. It was a police-state, streets filthy, and everywhere people were turned into beggars, collecting things from the ground. The contrast between the rich and the poor was gone. They all needed help. I helped clean, clothe, and feed them in, anyway I could help, and I offered hope. Where I could not give hope, I gave my shoulder, my attention, and whatever I could to dispel the loneliness amongst the multitudes. And I paid particular attention to the vulnerable children caught up in all of this.

Pediatrics is a logical progression for me, emotionally, psychologically, and career-wise. For the last six years, I have dedicated myself to the medical profession, working in pain management and educating myself to the highest degree. I find myself moving quickly, and with more momentum than ever before, and I am now completely ready for my residency in Pediatrics. I believe that I bring many of the necessary characteristics of a Pediatrician to the field along with the requisite education. Through my work and my volunteer work, I have shown that I am compassionate, and supportive of both patients and their families. This, combined with being well-versed in clinical work, working as a team with other physicians, technicians, and nursing staff, and clinical knowledge are the quintessential elements necessary for an influential Pediatrician, and I live them and embody them. A good Pediatrician has this foundation, and, yet, a great Pediatrician is caring, attentive, and available, as well. This is how I have performed medicine, conducted myself professionally, and I'm not done yet. My ambition is to work towards educating my patients and their families about the primary prevention of diseases by encouraging immunization, encouraging healthier lifestyles by educating my patients about the health benefits of never beginning the use of tobacco products or illegal drugs, regular exercise, and more. It's what we do as physicians.

During my rotations, I encountered many children and worked alongside some brilliant Pediatricians. The innocence and honesty of children frequently struck me, and this endeared these little patients to me profoundly. I found myself imagining how I would fit into the role of a healthcare advocate for children, by encouraging preventative medicine and having the opportunity of guiding them toward healthy choices. Pediatricians have a responsibility that is unparalleled in the medical community as they are not only concerned with the physical health of their patients but the emotional and social health of children as well, throughout their excellent maturation from childhood.

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