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Pathology Residency, Diagnostics, Indian Applicant

Since my second year of medical school, I have felt most inclined toward the diagnostic aspects of clinical medicine. This is why I spent so many extra hours in the laboratory pursuing biological questions and answers. I realized how critical a role is identifying pathogens plays in the diagnosis and subsequent management of patients. Most importantly, I found the entire process—from extracting information from specimens to arriving at a diagnosis—quite fulfilling and most intellectually satisfying. Developing countries such as my own, India, suffer disproportionately from the burdens of infectious diseases resulting from a confluence of environmental, socio-economic, and demographic factors. I felt privileged to pursue my residency in microbiology in India as it gave me vast exposure to a wide variety of emerging and re-emerging infections. Having made my home in America, I look forward to my first residency position in Pathology and the opportunity to demonstrate to the medical community my capacity for working long hours in the laboratory with the most incredible precision and accuracy.

I took my USMLE Step 1 examination in 2008 and did not pass as I was not sure whether I really wanted to come to the US at that time, and I did not put sufficient effort into my preparations. But, as Winston Churchill said: ‘” Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it's the courage to continue that counts.” I kept that in mind during my three-year residency program in India, and my hard work was rewarded with a valedictorian award. Now that I have made the USA my permanent home for family reasons, I am especially pleased to have passed my Step 1 examination in 2011. Pathology is the area where I seek to develop a lifelong focus and expertise because I see it as the flagship area of public health. Thriving on the discovery, following clues, and unlocking puzzles, I think of myself as something of a biological detective, most of all a scientist and laboratory master who is like a bulldog in my tenacity: until I get the answers that I need. One of my favorite pastimes is "geocaching,”; treasure hunting with GPS technology—always searching for the clues needed to solve mysteries. I also see Pathology as an adventure, the most important one of all for me by far—in my professional life.

Since I arrived in the USA in the Month of 2011, I have stayed busy in the field of medicine, working as a research assistant in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Sciences as well as completing several observerships and sub-internship positions. I am comfortable sacrificing myself for medicine, and spending long hours away from my home and family. In fact, I am already accustomed to doing so, having completed several observerships, some of which were far from home. My husband and the rest of my family could not be more supportive and understanding of how I want to give my time to the practice of medicine because they know how it will always be my first love.

My strengths include my commitment to continued learning, my passion for Medicine, and being a fast learner, along with my easygoing and ability to work in a team. My solid clinical background has helped me to adapt quickly to the American clinical system. I feel incredibly confident in my ability to excel in a residency in pathology because of the valuable experience gained in my possession in microbiology in India, in addition to my volunteer outreach experiences. I understand what it takes to be a resident and has rapidly become quite knowledgeable about clinical settings here in America since I have been clinically active almost since I arrived in the USA. I feel that this experience will be one of the reasons that I will excel in your residency program, in addition to a lot of hard work and dedication.

As part of my lifelong pursuit of increasing specialization in Pathology, I plan to stay active for many decades to come contributing to public health projects, medical camps, disaster relief efforts, etc., to the fullest extent of my ability to do so, as I did in India. Those doctors who give their all to efforts in global outreach are my personal heroes. The Peace Corps and the Physicians for Peace are two of the organizations that I especially admire and would feel profoundly privileged to be associated with in the future.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished Pathology Program, and I look forward to meeting you at the interview.

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