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Residency Pediatrics, Latina Doctor, Venezuela

I am a Latina doctor, initially from Venezuela. I recently spent eight years in Miami, where I have experienced first-hand how medical care in the United States is rapidly becoming multi-lingual, especially in English/Spanish. This brings me joy and gives me a driving sense of purpose, in working as a pediatrician with the bit of Latinos of our diverse country. Especially their parents, many of whom anxiously await full explanations of the health challenges and conditions of their children yet often have limited to no capacity to understand English. I hope to serve in a hospital where my language skills are in demand.

 For me, being a physician requires a true calling to serve those most in need, including those who are least able to provide anything in return other than their gratitude—and with children, often not even that. But the sublime joy of making a child feel better, if not always in the short term, is the most profound joy I aspire to through a lifetime of practicing pediatrics. Help and assist those in need, without anything in return.

 I love working as part of a team along with the child’s parents and extended family. Thus, I always place a high priority on the establishment of an excellent rapport. Being a superb pediatrician requires having the softness of a feather to deal with children and the strength of heart to deal with their parents and relatives.

 I believe in the family as the nucleus of the society and children as the future of us all. What I most like about pediatrics is the dynamic character of the preventive field, modifying risk factors to avoid the development of the disease. I love doing research, and I am at it constantly, investigating prenatal or neonatal risk factors and strategies. A writer from my country once suggested that having a child is like having all the children in the world. This reminds me of my mid-day dream, fantasy, of curing all the world's children: one at a time. And I was reminded of this that day that my first son had his first fever. I assure you that I will give my all to your program, bringing my open heart, good cheer, and tireless dedication to my patients.

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