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Plastic Surgery Residency, Iranian

A very hard worker and a dedicated student, I am a humble doctor who seeks to become a highly successful surgeon, remarkably effective, creative, and always open to discovery and improvement. I especially appreciate how surgery is such a highly specialized field, requiring enormous diligence and a desire for knowledge in many different areas of medicine.

I date my interest in practicing medicine to approximately the age of 6, when my parents informed me that surgery for my Atrial Septal Defect was not available in Iran. Fortunately, an Iranian-American surgeon flew into his land of origin periodically to help those who most needed surgery that was unavailable. This surgeon saved my life. As a result, I have never dreamed about anything else professionally except becoming the finest surgeon possible.

I completed medical school at the Isfahan University, where I was allowed to explore many aspects of medicine and shadow a wide variety of residents. Nevertheless, it has always been surgery that has captivated my heart. As a medical student and beyond, I have progressively developed a more mature and realistic understanding of surgery in a myriad of situations. In 2008, I began my general surgery residency at Isfahan University in, which provided surgery around the clock; the long hours provided me with an immense learning opportunity. During my residency, I was focused and a very hard worker; learning was my first love, every day, as much as possible and as rapidly as possible, from everyone with whom I contacted at the hospital. My greatest strength was probably my dedication to my team and our constant labor to enhance our surgical skills. What inspires me most and drives me forward is the privilege of watching the patient recover from day to day.

In 2011, I found my central calling through the privilege of working with the Mission XXXX Group, which includes several plastic surgeons who travel to underserved and underprivileged communities worldwide to perform surgeries in countries lacking adequate medical facilities, including Africa, Afghanistan, and Iran. Before my involvement, I always thought of plastic surgery as a cosmetic procedure; however, after becoming a part of this mission team, I realized the power that reconstructive surgeries had in drastically improving people’s lives. It was this vision that drove me to spend observation for two months at XXXX University with utmost determination and diligence. Along the way, I sought out mentors in plastic surgery who exemplified a genuine commitment to the pursuit and perfection of plastic surgery. The creative, physical, and intellectual challenge to restore form and function in everything from the most straightforward local flap rearrangement to the most complex hand injury reconstruction enthralled me. I was so moved and impressed, that I decided to continue my education in the plastic surgery field and began my plastic surgery residency in 2014. After a year in my program, my wife accepted an orthodontics residency at XXU, and we decided to immigrate to the United States to hope for a better life and the pursuit of more excellent academic opportunities.

In 2015, I started my Plastic Surgery Research Fellowship at the XXX Medical Center in Westchester. Besides researching in different projects and participating in writing a book chapter, I have been allowed to get involved in more complex cases involving reconstruction, aesthetics, and trauma.  Additionally, I got a chance to practice my dreams and start my cooperation as a surgeon with the Mission XXXX Group. On my first trip to Africa, I saw a vast number of children with severe burns, many with their fingers adhered to their palms, so we started to fix the damage; I excitedly realized they would eventually regain function of their little hands. I understood that Plastic surgery emphasizes the highest of expectations and skilled precision in a fantastic field that can't be matched - I have found my place in medicine.

Since returning to the USA, I have helped prepare a surgical training curriculum to teach medical students in Tanzania the basics of surgery and also evaluated their progress via weekly videoconference to continue the training program when we were not on location. I feel that I am exceptionally well prepared to excel in your competitive residency program in plastic surgery because my current residency experience has greatly enhanced my vision and leadership skills as I have come to better understand and be able to tackle the systemic issues and challenges that always help my team to overcome any obstacle.

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