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Radiology Residency, Diagnostic Modalities

I quit my job as Director of Strategic Marketing for a billion-dollar firm when I began medical school, having pursued a career in marketing and information technology that culminated in a great deal of success, at least financially. Yet, I was not satisfied with the direction my life had been headed. I had sought a profession that was both intellectually challenging and emotionally fulfilling, whose reward was different than stock options and bonuses, a profession requiring the application of my full abilities to solve complex problems with significant outcomes. It was with this in mind that I chose to return to medical school.

When I decided to choose a medical specialty, I decided on Radiology because it embodies those qualities that inspired me to become a physician. First, Radiology is intellectually challenging. A radiologist must integrate a broad clinical knowledge base across organ systems and specialties with patient history and findings to transform pictures into diagnoses. Second, I believe the communication and teamwork parts of the radiologist’s everyday life are uniquely demanding. The radiologist has become central to modern team-based medicine, working with surgeons, internists, and specialists to diagnose and treat patients. Third, Radiology is about trust. While new technologies have given physicians unparalleled power to image the human body, their implementation and interpretation have become increasingly complex. They remain a mystery to even the most experienced practicing clinicians. Physicians and patients depend on the radiologist to provide helpful information from what is otherwise just an enigmatic collection of pictures. Radiologists are trusted to precisely localize areas of abnormality and anatomical anomaly, provide differential diagnoses, and safely use potentially lethal radiation. Finally, Radiology is where the frontiers of medicine are extended by applying technology and physics, first in diagnostic modalities and increasingly in therapeutic ones. It is truly inspiring to witness and be a part of this medical revolution—[Excellent paragraph detailing reasons for choosing radiology.

My interest in Radiology is deep-rooted, and I possess the skills and qualities necessary to be an excellent intern and future radiologist. My work experiences have helped me refine and develop these qualities, and I have successfully applied them during medical school. My adventures in advertising have helped me develop the ability to think visually, pay strict attention to detail, and, perhaps most importantly, decipher relevant facts from mountains of information and communicate them effectively both in writing and verbally. While working with technology, I have learned to analyze and interpret data, work efficiently, and apply tools and science to solve practical problems. Examples include re-engineering the Federal Communications Commission’s Intranet and helping define the framework for a geographic information system to analyze the effect of the environment on the incidence of breast cancer in NY. Finally, in leadership roles, I pride myself on having developed a reputation for reliability, dedication, and hard work that not only resulted in numerous promotions but also helped me win respect, confidence, and friendship of my staff and peers. Additionally, during medical school, I was appointed a member of the Honor Society, a student-run organization intended to foster the development of integrity and ethics amongst medical students. I am confident that I can apply these same skills to Radiology. 

Radiology, to me, is a perfect fit: it calls upon some of my most well-developed skills, interests, and personal qualities. I seek a position in a residency program allowing me to apply and further develop these traits and explore my interest in neuro- and neurointerventional radiology, while providing exceptional patient care, being an honest and trustworthy team-member, and contributing to the advancement of the field.

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