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Residency Anesthesiology, Japanese Doctor

I am a young doctor from Japan who is certified by the Japanese Board of Anesthesiology. A hard worker, I am known for always being diligent, cheerful, and optimistic. I have perfected my English over the years through lengthy stays in New Zealand, where I was immersed in English. As an accomplished anesthesiologist in Japan, I seek new heights to attain by practicing medicine internationally. I have spent years reading avidly about developments in medicine in America, particularly anesthesiology. I am most thrilled about the prospect of being able to experience these state-of-the-art developments firsthand, as they occur in the American context.

Operating under the supervision of the most talented doctors in an environment that promotes working intensively through many challenging cases will be vital for my professional development. I also hope to do medical research in a sophisticated environment rich in academic and medical resources. However, in Japan, the conservative research environment, shortage of anesthesiologists, and the lack of a specialized training system for the various fields of anesthesiology make it challenging to train intensively and efficiently. Thus, I would like to work as a resident in a hospital in America where I can seek opportunities to participate in research, education, and clinical practice.

In my second position as a practicing physician, at XXXX Memorial Hospital, I handled the anesthesia for approximately 300 adult cardiac patients. I became well-practiced in transesophageal echocardiography, enabling me to recognize the importance of detailed physiological information for the betterment of circulatory management. In my work as an assistant professor at the Fukui University Hospital, it has been exciting for me to be able to share some of the challenges involved in the simultaneous supervision of residents in 10 operating theaters. My current position, however, is by far the most challenging position that I have held so far; I manage the anesthesia for over 150 patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery operations for congenital anomalies, most of them children, including emergency operations on neonates. Throughout my nine years of clinical experience, I have learned that clear communication and teamwork are the central keys to taking the most significant advantage of our combined clinical potential as doctors. I am eager to apply all my clinical experience to a position in the United States to give patients the best care possible.

Through playing rugby, I have learned how teamwork empowers us to endure physically and spiritually in severe conditions for the sake of victory. Rugby has taught me to be creative and adaptable in facing difficulty. In addition, I have been married for two years to a wonderfully supportive and intelligent dentist. We are outdoor enthusiasts enjoying mountain climbing, cycling, and scuba diving in our spare time. She has encouraged me wholeheartedly to pursue this career development in the United States.

For me, anesthesiology is an intellectually stimulating science. Especially after completing residency service in an American program, I would like to pursue cardiac anesthesiology and circulatory management in a setting where I can dedicate myself to a combination of clinical practice and scientific research. By apprenticing myself to the American clinical system, I hope to gain a more sophisticated understanding of cutting-edge developments and issues in my anesthesiology, which, coupled with my knowledge from Japan, can help me create a better standard of patient care.

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