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Residency Anesthesiology, Middle Eastern Immigrant

I hope to be selected for a residency program primarily based on the fact that

I eat, sleep, and breathe Anesthesiology, spending almost all of my free time reading about advancements in our area of medicine. This is what I see as my first and foremost qualification as a candidate for your program. As I see it, no other specialty of medicine would so fully satisfy my professional, highly interdisciplinary ambition, motivation, curiosity, and determination. I personally feel very strongly as a physician that Anesthesia is the most intellectually fascinating and challenging of all fields of medicine—with some of the highest stakes of all. I am a fourth-year medical student at XXXX University, and I am hoping to begin my first residency position soon after graduation.

I look forward to joining a team that will put me to work long hours with heavy responsibility, where I will be exposed to a broad variety of medical challenges, especially cardiovascular cases, since it is in this area where I have the most significant crossover of passion for further education and advancement, in addition to pathophysiology and pharmacology. I look forward to the sheer thrill of hitting the ground running in a very dynamic OR/critical-care setting. After completing a residency position in anesthesiology, I hope to be selected for a fellowship position as it is my long-term goal to spend the balance of my professional life doing research and publishing in the area of Anesthesiology in addition to practicing. I also hope to be selected for a residency position based on my experience completing an externship in anesthesia on my own in Houston. I learned a great deal in this position, which will help me to excel in your program, especially when combined with my experience during my anesthesia rotation, where I worked as part of both preop and postop management teams; placing IV lines and laryngeal mask airways, in addition to intubating patients in the operating room.

I fell in love with Anesthesiology while I was working as an emergency medical technician. Throughout my career in emergency service, it was the aspect of anesthesia that most commanded my priority attention; and I learned everything that I could, asking a lot of questions. It has also been in the area of Anesthesiology that I feel that I have found my vocation in medicine because I believe that it is in this area where I can best excel. I see my cardiology rotation as an experience that is especially complimentary to this sense of calling to Anesthesiology because of my extensive involvement with several heart catheterization procedures. I worked on a medical team not long ago, and we almost lost a heart patient. As we entered into crisis with a patient and no pulse, I was amazed at how all the attention was directed toward the anesthesiologist to save the situation, where he made the decision to give her epinephrine and intubated her while I performed CPR. Within seconds her pulse returned, and her EKG started showing a regular rhythm with her blood pressure beginning to rise. This frozen moment in time was the most powerful and fulfilling moment of my life so far. Experiencing the miracles of anesthesiology up close is like a drug, and I want more of it: the split-second life-or- death decisions and action.

My long-term goals as an Anesthesiologist Fourteen years ago, I first came to the United States with the hope of pursuing a career in medicine, first earning my undergraduate degree in medical technology overseas, I went to the United States on a work visa with only one goal in my mind, which was to pursue my dream to become a physician. I had to overcome many obstacles that prevented me from applying to medical school earlier. I had to work as a medical technologist for several years to gain my citizenship, even though I enjoyed my work in the lab of doing multiple tasks and being exposed to different aspects of laboratory medicine, including hematology, microbiology, and biochemistry. Nevertheless, I remained firm in my long-term goal to become a physician even though this required that I work full time all of the way through my undergraduate studies to earn my second degree in premedical / biology to be eligible to apply for medical school.

Throughout these years, however, I also developed my own business in the area of emergency medical services along with my oldest brother, who is a cardiovascular anesthesiologist. I have also been involved in real estate investments related to our business, which has furthered my ability to multitask. Finally, I have a solid work ethic that I think will contribute to my most entire dedication to the need of the patients in your program.

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