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Residency Dermatology, Saudi Woman Doctor

I am a young Saudi woman who is determined to excel in several areas, mostly in medicine. While I am still in my first year of Internship, I have decided to make my first area of expertise dermatology. I have always excelled throughout my studies, ranking towards the very top of the student body in terms of both grades and examination scores, so I have become accustomed to success as the result of a great deal of hard work. I have also been the recipient of multiples award for excellent academic performance as well as outstanding student research.

I have long been fascinated by how personal appearance and psychological health-related. This is why as I trained to become a physician, I found myself increasingly drawn to the study of dermatology, because of the especially prominent way in which skin disorders are visible to others, with the potential, therefore, of profound psychological impact. For this reason, with my interest in beauty and health care, and psychological well-being, I found my calling in dermatology. When I add to this my particular long-standing interest in and love for children, along with the fact that I almost always scored the highest marks in my class in this area, pediatrics, I think that I have located my lifetime calling in pediatric dermatology.

Two of my brothers are also doctors, and they have provided me with a great deal of inspiration and given me a great deal of support, just have the other members of my family. By the time that I found myself taking a dermatology course during my fourth year of medical school, I was sure that this would be the particular area in which I would excel. I feel drawn to lesions and curing them to be a sublime art form that consumes my attention. Curing lesions has become my particular passion and first priority in life.

At the center of my attention as I read up on and stay abreast of the literature in my chosen areas of medicine are pediatric issues and the question of systemic diseases and how they are related to our genetic codes. I spend a lot of time analyzing the distribution and shape of lesions as it pertains to the correct diagnosis.

I have already passed my Step 1 of the USMLE, and I plan to take Step 2 within a few months. I recently completed a two-month elective in dermatology, in 2014, at Qassim University, KSA. I especially enjoyed learning about the need for cultural sensitivity to patients of different ages and from various cultures.

I am a very severe and hard-working young woman who is searching for long hours on my feet to have a chance to prove myself to your distinguished program. My ultimate plan is to go back to Qassim University, once I feel confident that I have reached the highest level o training and mastery in Dermatology that I possibly can. I look forward to a long a, productive career putting to good use everything that I learn in your distinguished dermatology program and teaching our subject to new generations of students. I also look forward to a lifetime of research in our field at the same time that I treat patients from throughout the Qassim region for many decades to come.

Thank you for considering my application.

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