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Residency Family Medicine, Brazilian, Florida

I hope to be selected for a residency position in Family Medicine with your distinguished health care organization due to my profound passion for the practice of Family Medicine and my readiness to respond, in particular, to the vast need for medical attention on the part of Hispanic populations. I have lived in South Florida (Coconut Creek) with my parents and younger brother and sister for just over ten years now, and here is where I would like to settle down. South Florida is home. We spent the first ten years of my life in our native Brazil. In addition to my native Portuguese, I hope to be selected to serve in a hospital that has a great need for Spanish-speaking doctors, since I am fully fluent in Spanish as well. In fact, I serve as the team translator when we do morning rounds.  This is another reason why I do not anticipate leaving South Florida.

I will be graduating from medical school this coming May of 2017 with an MD Degree from the XXXX University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, on XXXX. For more than two years, I have thrown myself into the fullest immersions possible in medicine, adopting other medical students as temporary family and lifelong friends – all focused on treatment. XXXX is also teaming with the medically underserved, resembling some of the poorest areas of Brazil. The power is off almost as much as it is on, and my friends get mugged. There was a great need at the St. Maarten Hospital, where we helped out and shadowed the island doctors.

My mother is a dentist, and I grew up accompanying her on missions; now, I volunteer for medical missionary activity as a doctor in training. I look forward to a long professional lifetime participating in medical missions, probably to Latin America, where my language skills would be of most significant value. I would also like to develop a private practice or a clinic in Miami further on in my career. For the moment, I hope to be accepted as a resident somewhere in Florida to be close to home.

I have volunteered at missions here in Miami, and the most populous groups of the medically underserved include Brazilians, after Hispanics, and Haitians. So, I fit right in and was immediately made aware of how desperate the need is; and I look forward to giving my all for a lifetime to mission activity, right here in South Florida as well. I could relate to these underserved immigrants and understand their fears of being sick in a country where they don’t speak the language and would be in very much trouble if we were not there for them in the clinic. During my volunteer work in Miami, when a doctor didn’t speak Spanish, I became their right hand. In Connecticut, where I did a surgery core rotation, it was principally Spanish-speaking. It comes in handy quite often. Now, I am highly optimistic about and waiting for my results on the USMLE Step 2CK. I have also completed an observership in Emergency Medicine, Trauma, and Ortho Surgery during my winter break at XXXX University, Brazil.

I only know two Brazilian doctors in my area, and they stay swamped caring for a rapidly increasing Brazilian community, and there is a great need in the USA for Portuguese-speaking doctors, especially in the Miami area. Thus, my central dream is to have a clinic in South Florida and serve the enormous Brazilian community and other minority communities as well. The clinic I dream of developing will encompass all sorts of primary care and dentistry once my brother finishes dental school.

One particular highlight was living in London for three months while completing one of my Core clerkships in Ob/Gyn. I have now studied medicine with specific attention to the plight of the medically underserved in four very distinct settings. Brazil’s socialized medical system is crippled by poverty and corruption on top of the some of the highest rates of social inequality in the world. The UK ranks among the best of publicly funded health care systems despite its internal faults. The United States of America, where the most privatized health care facilities rank as some of the most expensive health care per capita in the world, and St. Maarten, a half-Dutch half-French island in the Caribbean, where health care reminds me of Brazil. If you're wealthy, you are fine. If you're poor, you are in deep trouble.  My unique experiences have also helped me to better understand the complex relationships between culture, on the one hand, and illness and health, on the other.

I have wanted to be a doctor since a very young age. Not only has it always been the one profession that I felt fit best with my personality, but I have always liked gaining people’s trust and enjoy the fact that they look up to me as someone that has truly made a difference in their lives. This is how I felt about our own family doctor in Brazil, who serves as a role model for me to this day, his devotion to family practice, his integrity, and the way that he gave his all to family medicine.

I have been an active volunteer at the Mission Medical Center at the church that I attend in Delray Beach for several years, helping out doctors with the mission of providing medical care to the most underserved of our communities. I have traveled to 20+ countries in Europe and I have enjoyed soccer all of my life. Here in San Maarten, I was able to convince the school to sponsor a soccer space on campus with goals, nets, fences, balls, and supplies.

Thank you for considering my application.

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