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Residency Family Medicine, Debilitative Disease

I am a young man from India who has devoted his life to the study of medicine. At 29, I still have much to learn, but I am most highly motivated, and I have always given 100% to my calling. I am most distinguished, perhaps, by my compassion, which has led me to develop a particular interest in geriatrics since early on in my medical career. I hope to join a residency program in family medicine that is looking for someone highly devoted to the care of our older citizens and research in the area of geriatrics. My long-term goal is to continue to practice family practice as a physician at the same time that I have the privilege of sharing in ongoing research with an academic institution.

I now live in New York, and I have been gaining invaluable experience in my field, serving as a Physician Assistant with the XXXX Health Clinic run by the XXXX United Methodist Church. I obtain patient histories and perform physical examinations of patients with a broad range of conditions and who lack health insurance or are otherwise unable to get medical care. I have done several oral presentations of a didactic nature and presented several patient histories along with physical examination results to Drs. XXXX and XXXX, with whom I discuss differential diagnoses and manage patients under their guidance. With Dr. XXXX, in particular, I have come to more fully appreciate the broad spectrum of patients that are cared for by family practitioners, and I profoundly enjoy the diversity of patients and clinical conditions. I work very hard to educate patients regarding ways to prevent common infectious diseases, and I have spent long hours with diabetic patients, in particular, helping them to understand the great benefits of exercise and a healthy diet, and the need to control hypertension and obesity. This experience has convinced me that I am ready to practice as a family physician and obtain additional postgraduate training in family medicine.

I have found my clinical research and elective studies here in XXXX to be most challenging and rewarding. At XXXX Hospital, I became especially concerned with the high readmission rate of patients with congestive heart failure. Thus, I helped the hospital director to design and implement quality control projects that decreased the re-hospitalization and mortality rates of these patients. During my research elective, I worked with Dr. XXXX at the XXXX and Women's Hospital on a multicenter observational study of 61,000 critically ill patients and several studies evaluating the relationship between lab-based variables (RDW, Vitamin D, and Creatinine) and patient survival rates. Throughout the completion of my clinical electives at XXXX and Women’s Hospital and at XXXX Medical Center, I navigated through complex diagnoses to come up with an appropriate plan of action.  I interacted with residents and senior attending physicians on the ward and presented cases, discussed patient management strategies, and participated in implementing treatment plans. These experiences have helped me to become ever more sensitive and responsive to the extent of emotional distress that chronic debilitative disease brings to patients as well as their families and friends.

My life experiences played a significant role in my choosing medicine as my career. My insatiable curiosity for medicine dates at least from the age of sixteen, when my father was diagnosed with three-vessel coronary artery disease.  Spending considerable time at the hospital, I was very much moved by the suffering of my father and other patients, and it was at this time that I decided to make the alleviation of this suffering my life’s cause.  During medical school in India, I became actively involved in various community health projects, including HIV counseling, rural school health checkups, and health camps, and  I find working with the underprivileged to be especially rewarding. During my internship in India, I worked in a rural general hospital and primary health care center with a variety of patients, from a wide range of economic, social, and cultural backgrounds.  I was one of only two interns responsible for the entire internal medicine caseload. This was a great challenge because of the acute shortage of medical personnel and diagnostic resources. I was forced to make medical decisions solely on my clinical skills and rarely had the opportunity to discuss cases with other clinicians before making life and death decisions. Under these circumstances, I matured quickly.

My greatest asset is the way that, for years, I have labored to emulate every caring, intelligent, and energetic physician that I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from.  I especially enjoy the intensity and challenge of treating the very sick, and I am highly sympathetic to the anguish that often accompanies rehabilitation. I am especially attracted to the field of family medicine because of its emphasis on disease prevention, health promotion, the primary management of common diseases, and long-term relationships with patients of all ages. I sincerely hope that giving my all to your program will help to prepare me for a fellowship in geriatrics upon completing the program because I find particular joy in attending to our elderly. As Aristotle put it: “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in work.” I keenly look forward to meeting you and becoming a highly productive member of your medical team.

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