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Residency Family Medicine Practice, Pakistan

Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, at 26, I am still a young woman. Yet, I am also an earnest, mature, and cosmopolitan a citizen of the world. Most of all, I have a well-developed sense of compassion and a deep and abiding respect and concern for the family and the practice of medicine. Compassionate is perhaps my single greatest strength and the foundation of my passion for the practice of medicine. As a result of my marriage to an American, I immigrated to the United States from my native Pakistan four years ago. Since then, as a very adaptable person, I have already become quite accustomed to my new home, and I am thrilled and comfortable here in America. Most recently, I have even come to think of myself as Pakistani-American, and I am eager to excel here in my new world for the sake of my family, my husband, and most of all, my own sense of personal and professional integrity and advancement.

I have always been part of a close-knit family, and family is central to my life. Thus, I am susceptible to how health problems and the cure are almost always grounded to some extent in family life (or the lack thereof). I am drawn to the chance to practice family medicine to be exposed to a wide variety of patients, especially in terms of ethnicity and pathology. Family medicine offers me the opportunity to commit myself to serve my patients with needs in all treatment areas, and I am challenged and most excited by this diversity. I worked with Dr. XXXX, a family practitioner with the XXXX Medical Group, who inspired me to pursue family medicine as my carrier.

Furthermore, I would be incredibly honored to have the opportunity to work with under-served populations, practicing preventative medicine, and teaching patients and their families about the urgency and importance of delivering health care to the whole family. My passion for family medicine stems from my desire to practice preventive medicine. The ability to prevent the manifestations of disease inspires me. I intend to focus my future practice on this concept. Emphasis on treating the entire patient as a whole is most important to me. I want to become the best physician I can be for my patients, a good listener, an excellent diagnostician, and a loyal confidant. My experiences have helped me to mature and to appreciate the critical responsibility of a primary care provider, especially in family medicine, to teach preventive care.

Coupled with my deep love for medicine is my profound affection for children. I seek a medical residency position in family medicine, partly because of my deep love for children and my joy at their presence in my life. As the mother of a 20-month-old little girl, I also have recent, first-hand testimony in my personal life to the delicacy and deep appreciation called for in attention to the smallest among us. My experience as a parent has given me pause for reflection at length on the numerous particular challenges facing children, and, subsequently, their parents and their doctor.

My diverse life experiences have helped me to realize that I possess the determination, resilience, and the very high level of mental strength required to be a successful physician, the motivation in addition to the compassion that is needed to become a precious asset to a medical team. I am a natural team player as I feel that this is of central and intrinsic value to the provision of increasingly excellent levels of patient care. I am confident in myself and my abilities because I am so deeply committed to medicine. Most of all, I am a very hard worker and good at what I set my mind to do, and very passionate about being a physician. Also, I am part of a very close extended family, and my brother-in-law and his wife have twin boys who are three-and-a-half years old and a daughter who is six months old, and I have been instrumental in their care. These four beautiful babies have provided me with an excellent platform upon which to practice my health care skills on the very young and to appreciate the way that families must receive medical treatment and education as a unit.

For the past several years, I have enriched myself on the cutting edge of medical scholarship concerning the medical challenges faced by families, and I feel that I am an exceptional candidate for working with families in the provision of extensive, holistic medical health care for the smallest to the oldest members of the family unit. This is the foundation of my happiness in life, my spirituality, and my sense of service to others. I have dedicated my life to saving lives, promoting energy one family at a time, and helping parents be the caregivers that they must be, quick, nimble, loving, and immersed in the health issues of the little ones that I look forward soon to having as patients. I never lose my patience, especially with children, love questions, shower attention, and always make a point to respect and nurture family solidarity. I have wanted to be a doctor since my own childhood; the eldest daughter of my parents, this is my family's dream as well as my own: thus, I have always been a diligent hard worker who excelled in school. The main highlight of my life so far has been my first clinical rotation in the newborn nursery; these tiny babies fighting for their lives inspired me beyond imagination, instilling me with a diligence, drive, and dedication, that surprises even me. I want to continue to fight for the lives of these little ones and their precious families, and I thank you for consideration of my application to your program.

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