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Residency General Surgery, Saudi Arabian Surgeon

I like to think of myself as one of Saudi Arabia’s most promising young surgeons. This is supported by the fact that I have been sponsored by our Ministry of Health to participate in your distinguished program. Your institution is a world leader, as you know, and the Saudi Arabian medical professional has given me the profound honor and hope of learning all that I can at XXXX to go on to teach others in our field in my home country. I now have four years of full-time experience as a surgeon, and I am currently in my third year of a general surgery program at XXXX Hospital. I am writing to you because I seek an opportunity to specialize in a world-renown residency program such as yours. In 2010 I graduated from Al-Qassim University College of Medicine in Saudi Arabia, and I completed internships at both King Fahd and Prince Sultan Hospitals in Riyadh’s Medical City. My long-term goal is to become a professor of surgical oncology in Saudi Arabia.

Focused and a very hard worker, learning is my first love, every day, as much as I can and as rapidly as possible from everyone with whom I come into contact at the hospital. My greatest strength is probably my dedication to my team and our constant labor to enhance our surgical skills. Most of my experience so far has been in the area of general wound suture, appendectomy, abscess incision, and drainage, as well as hernia repair. Increasingly, however, I have been called upon to assist in significant operations. Completing your particularly distinguished residency program will fully prepare me to return to Saudi Arabia to teach and help new generations of doctors to draw abreast of the cutting edge of surgery.

I hope to do research in the future concerning both our greatest strengths and resources in Saudi Arabia, as well as some of the most significant challenges that we face in the future. I am applying to your program, in particular, because of its excellent reputation and the fact that I want very much to live and work in Hamburg. I am attracted to the fact that your outstanding efforts have resulted in your institution becoming the largest of XXXX's hospitals. I have dedicated a lot of my personal time to research in the area of transplantation, and your leadership in this area is something that I deeply respect.

What inspires me most and drives me forward is the privilege of watching the patient recover from day to day. I find exciting cancer to give me a special thrill and nothing leaves me with a greater feeling of accomplishment than converting a cold bluish ischemic limb to one that is warm and pink, relieving the pain of an intra-abdominal catastrophe. I seek ever greater levels of experience and responsibility in the management of multiple physiological problems in critically ill patients—especially everything having to do with new technologies.

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