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Residency General Surgery, Saudi Applicant

I focused my life early on the goal of becoming the finest surgeon that I possibly could become. This is because I found it to be the most intellectually exciting avenue of medical inquiry. Surgery, for me, is the practice of medicine at its most entire stage of fruition; and I shall always take delight in constant improvement. I love surgery most of all because of the way that it keeps my curiosity constantly engaged, coupled with the profound sense of satisfaction of making such an insightful difference for the better in someone’s life.

 As a Saudi Arabian man who went to medical school in Jordan, I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program and having the honor of giving my all to your institution. Hard work for long hours under pressure is my first love. With two years of experience in general surgery in Saudi Arabia and now in Toronto, I feel that I have sufficient knowledge to be able to make significant contributions to your medical team.

 I am a physician who will always be highly conscious of his duty to society as a medical professional. This is why I dedicated countless hours to the provision of medical care for needy people in Saudi Arabia as well as in Jordan through my participation in campaigns against TB and breast cancer in the KSA. As an undergraduate student, I participated in the Free Health Care Day for the community in Jordan. I am a highly disciplined physician who very much loves challenges. I am incredibly determined to reach my goals, and I never give up on what I have committed to.

 I find it extremely rewarding to step into a patient’s room and see them regaining their life. When this is not the case, I seek to control the patients’ level of discomfort. And I distinguish myself by my attention to detail in the care of my patients. Perhaps being raised by a father who was an officer in the Saudi Air Force helped me to grow up quickly and to become an earnest and disciplined young man, dedicated to social service through the practice of medicine. I am also pleased to have had the experience of spending so much time in Jordan with such a rich texture of professional and humanitarian affairs, helping me to become more sensitive to cultural diversity and the need for adaptation to new social norms and surroundings. I performed well in Medical School, to such a point that I was awarded a scholarship from the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education to cover all of my educational expenses.

 During my last year in Medical School, I had the chance to do a rotation in Pediatric Surgery at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. I honestly found myself as a professional at this time, as a member of this Canadian surgical team with such a high level of expertise. To be frank, this experience helped to establish my addiction fully, and I now crave long hours in the operating room. I want the adrenaline rush that I get every time that I scrub up.  I live for the satisfaction that I feel after seeing my patient doing well in post-operative, the sense of camaraderie. I have now been doing general surgery for 18 months. I have participated in a broad diversity of surgical procedures, from complex Whipple procedures to delicate parathyroidectomies, and even robotic laparoscopic hemicolectomies. Every time, going into surgery is a rich and novel experience; I thrive on learning something new and enhancing my operative skills, and this has helped me to receive excellent evaluations as a surgeon.

 I am primarily engaged with the vascular aspects of general surgery, specifically endovascular intervention, as I find this to be the single most challenging issue in our field, on both technical and psychological levels. At the center of my curiosity is the miracle of bringing dead limbs to life. And I am particularly enthused about the prospect of using new advances in vascular surgery to assist people with diabetes who are at risk for amputation.

 I see myself as a health advocate, a researcher, and a teacher. In addition to medicine, I enjoy spending time with my family, and in my spare time, I often scuba dive. This burns off any stress I might accrue. I also very much enjoy cooking, continuing the culinary traditions that I bring with me from my youth on the coast of the Red Sea.

 I hope to become part of a dynamic residency program that will tax me to the fullest, at the same time that it, will provide me with the highest level of professional advancement that I most thrive on, the opportunity to become a better surgeon every day. I met my lovely wife while she was doing her surgical rotation with our team. She’s now applying for a position in Diagnostic Radiology at your respected institute. We would be incredibly honored to join together. I hope to have the profound privilege of meeting you and speaking at length about how I might be able to contribute to your surgical team.

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