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Residency IM Gastroenterology, Chinese

A curious and outgoing person who enjoys myriad intellectual challenges, it has been natural for me to embrace internal medicine as my profession. While I have always strived to master a constantly deeper understanding of each sub-area of internal medicine, I have also embraced the goal of becoming an accomplished specialist in my area of most excellent expertise: gastroenterology. Gastroenterology is the particular area that I love the most, especially the way that it covers a diverse disease spectrum and, thus, allows for a diverse range of treatment options. I particularly enjoy providing preventive/primary care to healthy populations for colorectal malignancy screenings, and having close and extended relationships with IBD and hepatic patients established during prolonged follow-up. I especially thrive on performing high-tech procedures treating complex GI problems, particularly life-threatening conditions—learning, growing, and dedicated to lifelong learning in Gastroenterology.

I began my first residency position in my native China as an experienced researcher and clinician, having graduated from a top medical school with a Master’s and an MD. Our program designated a seven-year combined curriculum of clinical and academic medicine, and my first full year of clinical research training led to two publications. After finishing a one-year general medicine rotation at an affiliated university hospital as a junior physician, I came to the USA to join my husband. I began studying neurobiology, earning an MS in this area from the University of XXXX. This program served to sharpen my research skills, precision, and curiosity.

Furthermore, to continue to better prepare me for a career in medicine in America, through greater familiarity with the American health care system, I also decided to study nursing. With the help of a merit-based fellowship, I also earned the MSN Degree from the University of XXXX in only 16 months. After completing the program, I accepted a position as a critical care nurse in SICU at XXXX Hospital Center, the biggest hospital and hub of heart transplant/general surgery/neurosurgery in XXXX.

In addition to extensive hands-on experience with critically ill patients, and certification in managing advanced medical devices (IABP, CVVHD, LVAD, and so on), I was also frequently designated as a charge nurse responsible for coordinating triage, admission, and transfer of four SICUs in this surgical center. During that time, I had chances to take care of sick GI patients, help with bedside endoscope procedures and closely interact with gastroenterologists, all of which continued to deepen my passion for gastroenterology.

My residency training at XXXX has exposed me to many GI patients. GI elective rotation also strengthened my clinical skills and broadened my interest in all aspects of gastroenterology. I quickly got involved in multiple projects of GI research and published a case report/ literature review of a rare GERD complication with a GI fellow in a peer-reviewed journal in my intern year. I also presented a project concerning pancreatitis diagnosis guidelines at our last ACG conference. I have submitted my project review of new techniques used in endoscopic polypectomy for presentation at the coming ACG conference.

My other projects involve colon-rectal cancer comorbidities, prophylactic intubation before the endoscopic intervention of variceal bleeding, prospective EUS needle study, and post-liver transplant ERCP complications. I am the acting team leader for most of our research projects. Our results will be presented at national conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals shortly.  My long-term career goal is to practice as a clinician and to become a respected leader in the area of clinical gastroenterology research for decades to come.

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