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Residency in Dermatology. Saudi Dermatologist

Graduating 3rd in my class for medical school helped to boost my confidence that I would be able to excel in the practice of medicine even in such a demanding area as dermatology. In fact, I see my high level of motivation to distinguish myself in your residency program as one of my primary assets. A medical intern who graduated from XXXX University in Saudi Arabia in 2014 with a G.P.A of 4.45 (5.0 scale), I am highly competent and self-reliant. A self-directed learner, I am frequently commended for my excellent social and interpersonal skills. A dedicated and focused observer, I am highly organized with a tremendous capacity for attention to detail.

I was led into medicine by a desire to impact people’s lives positively. As I progressed through my rotations as a medical student and then completed my internship, I searched for the field that would satisfy this desire, most of all to help those suffering. It is for this reason, the great anguish that generally accompanies skin disease, that I focused early on dermatology as an incredibly stimulating and challenging area of medicine, especially since my fourth and final year of medical school, which included working in a dermatology clinic for two elective months during my internship.

I particularly appreciate the vast diversity that exists in dermatology, and the wide variety of skin, hair, and nail problems that affect different types of patients in many different ways. I particularly enjoy both the visual and tactile skill that is needed to excel in dermatological practice. In appreciation of the visibility of treatment in dermatology as compared to other fields, I seek to shoulder the responsibility by giving everything that I have to this area of medicine, always seeking the best integration between medical and surgical treatment options. This is why I see dermatology as providing a gratifying and intellectually satisfying medical career.

After completing your distinguished residency program in dermatology and receiving some of the best-advanced education in the world in this area, I look forward to a lifetime of complete dedication to both the study and practice of dermatology.  Both during and after completing your program, I will strive 100% to provide the best patient care possible, and in this way, best prepare me to meet the goals that I have laid out for myself in the future. A lifelong learner, I am also very dedicated to health education and see this as a particularly critical part of our dermatology practice.

I look forward to distinguishing myself as a researcher in our area of medicine, dermatology, as I am incredibly excited by the many unanswered questions in our field. The unsolved mysteries behind skin disease excite and energize me to seek the answers and widen my gaze through research. I look forward to always attending the most relevant of medical, especially international, conferences that will help me to become the finest dermatologist possible, mainly as a result of further training at some point in a fellowship program.

Nothing makes me feel at as much at home with my calling as does the recognition of particular skin configurations, morphologies, and distributions.  I love clinics and the development of warm, enduring relations with the patients. I currently attend to patients in clinics working alongside residents and consultants. One day when I was on call, I listened to a case of an elderly diabetic patient suffering from multiple erythematous papules and plaques over the extensor surface of both legs. After speaking extensively with the doctor about her disease and doing a biopsy, the results of which confirmed the diagnosis of acquired perforating dermatosis, I summarized the case and did a presentation which was very well received by my colleagues.

I have also learned a great deal about hair diseases and very much enjoyed the privilege of helping one colleague with his research in this area here in Saudi Arabia. In fact, Psoriasis is one of the most common of skin diseases, and something that I see almost every day.

I have recently noticed how patients with psoriasis tend to have a mild to moderate depression, and I have been reading as much as I can on this subject in particular. Recently, I attended a lecture entitled “Psoriasis Today” by the President of the International Congress on Psoriasis. HUMIRA injection is one form of treatment that I find to be especially exciting and promising as a treatment for psoriasis

I attended the 9 th Jeddah Dermatology & Cosmetics Conference, held at Jeddah-KSA. It was a great chance to meet dermatologists and medical interns interested in dermatology, and explore recent research investigations related to novel technology and techniques in cosmetic and dermatological surgery.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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