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Residency Internal Medicine, Iraqi Doctor

I am an Iraqi doctor who was born in the Czech Republic and raised in Iraq and Yemen. I completed medical school in Yemen. Now 30 years old, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. My friends and co-workers compliment me on my loving disposition and demeanor. I am a caring and sympathetic physician and would like very much to be considered for your residency program in internal medicine.

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your highly esteemed health care institution.

I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of both cancer and infectious diseases, particularly AIDS/HIV. I want to continue to devote my professional life to practicing and perfecting my capacity as a physician in the area of Internal Medicine. My long-term goal is not only to practice internal medicine but also to have the privilege of contributing to research in this area.

I have more than three years of training in hospitals, in addition to fulfilling a one-year internship. My experience has been with a highly diverse community of patients. Throughout my professional experience, I have worked hard to excel and to constantly improve in my communication skills, performing comprehensive physical examinations as well as a diagnostic tests. I work well under stress, and I feel strongly that I was at my best when handling acute emergencies, especially in the areas of pediatrics, surgery, and Ob/Gyn. While I profoundly appreciate all of my rotations, I especially enjoyed the opportunity to complete courses in Intensive Care and Coronary Care.

Since the beginning of 2008, I have been living in Salt Lake City, Utah, and working very diligently to gain more significant experience in the areas of medicine and public health. At the same time that, I have labored to perfect my English and bring it up to the point that I am now completely comfortable with the idea of fully practicing medicine in English.

I particularly enjoyed working on behalf of refugees as a Health Navigator at the XXXX Clinic from May through October of 2010. I was responsible for scheduling medical appointments and coordination between the clinic and resettlement agencies. I especially enjoyed following up with the refugees and the agencies that sponsored them, referring patients to specialists, serving as a translator for speakers of Arabic, and helping patients to understand their medication and how it will help them fully.

At the XXXX Home, from October of 2009 until today, I have been employed as a Case Manager. I help homeless people to find assistance: housing programs, food stamps, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, etc. From February to June of 2009, I also served as a case manager for Catholic Community Services. In this position, I helped to resettle more than ten refugee cases per month, helping with everything from school registration to seeking assistance through the Department Of Workforce Services.

These professional and volunteer activities here in Utah have brought me into contact with some many doctors, in several areas, most prominently in Internal Medicine. Most of these doctors treat the refugees that I work with on a volunteer basis, and I have been most favorably impressed with their generosity and devotion. I feel like I have a great deal to offer to a residency program such as yours that needs Internists that are fluent in Arabic and trained in dealing with Arabic-speaking patients.

I look forward to helping patients of all ages, children, young people, and the elderly. Being selected for your residency program in internal medicine, will enable me to fulfill my longstanding dream of practicing medicine in the United States and becoming the most influential physician possible. It is a true joy for me, in particular, to manage the care for Arabic speakers in their native language since many have great difficulty communicating their health concerns in English.


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