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Residency Nuclear Medicine, Saudi Woman

Dr. XXXX became the first Saudi Arabian woman to earn a certification in Nuclear Medicine Technology in 2007. I hope, therefore, to become not only part of a select group of Saudi physicians who reach the cutting-edge of training in Nuclear Medicine, but only a handful of women. If accepted to join your distinguished multidisciplinary team, I will give my all and learn as much as I can about Nuclear Medicine. Completing a residency position in Canada will provide me with what I need, complete immersion in the practice of Nuclear Medicine at its finest.

Ultimately, being accepted into your program will enable and inspire me to make essential contributions in decades to come toward the advancement of Nuclear Medicine in my country, Saudi Arabia. My objective is to provide world-class care not only in Canada, but also to struggle to attain that level of cutting-edge care at home in the KSA as well. Joining your program will empower me to maximize my talents, shaping and inspiring my abilities and spirit to excel as a Nuclear Medicine professional.

I am a rapid learner, and I assure you that I will fully dedicate myself to advancing the mission of your institution, serving the diverse array of patients that walk through the door, collaborating closely with my colleagues, and moving very quickly towards the cutting edge of excellence. I have this capacity because of my sheer passion for alleviating the misery of those who are ill.

I hope at some point to establish my own Nuclear Medicine Center in my country, and the sooner, the better, since this medical specialty is not well developed in the KSA. I hope to make highly significant contributions to this development.

Science has been a language that has always spoken to me, even as a child. My understanding and mastery of science have evolved alongside my unyielding desire to better the lives of others. As a medical student and later an intern, I have been drawn to medical technology, in particular, because it is in this area, most of all Nuclear Medicine, that I see the greatest hope for the most significant strides being made in our diagnostic processes.

I probably take the most incredible pride in myself for my compassion. Still, I like to also think of myself as an uncompromising intellectual who loves analytical challenges. My co-workers have frequently complimented me for the great enthusiasm that I have for medicine, my constant good cheer, and my sense of humor.

My life would no longer be whole without patient contact, which for me provides the greatest satisfaction. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as an Arab woman and giving my all to the treatment of a wide range of patients of all ethnicities and social backgrounds. I am humble, simple, happy, and caring and I have long cultivated the gift of putting people at ease. Now, it would be a profound honor for me to share this gift with your distinguished program in Nuclear Medicine. I thank you for considering my application.

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