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Residency Pediatric Medicine, Indian Woman

For nearly a decade, I have dedicated my academic and professional career to the pursuit of Medicine.  While Medicine is my career and my chosen path, Pediatrics is my passion - where my heart lies.  My education exposed me to many aspects and procedures of Pediatric medicine, but I found the most excellent satisfaction in interacting with younger patients.  Additionally, along with my education, my volunteer work with the Pulse polio immunization program, and work within Chigatari Hospital, Bapuji General Hospital, and Apollo Hospitals in India, have given me great insight into the field, and first-hand direct-patient experiences.

 Pediatric Medicine goes well beyond simply educating parents on the importance of preventive medicine and good nutrition.  In my experience, patience, a gentle demeanor, and hand, as well as a solid grasp of pain management, are the quintessential elements to success in this fundamental specialty.  A pediatrician is a patient’s introduction to physicians in general.  The first experience a young patient has with a physician will quite possibly shape their opinion of dentists for a lifetime.  It is up to me to make sure that their first experience is a pleasant one, and to show them that a doctor is someone that can be trusted, a friend, and a person that cares.  Personality goes a long way, too, and I think my easy-going and cheerful nature lends itself perfectly to our tiniest patients.  In the most practical terms, as an aspiring Pediatrician, I feel that it is my superior listening skills, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and ability to apply deductive reasoning to reach a diagnosis from data obtained that will provide an excellent foundation from which to become an influential Pediatrician.

I intend to be a part of the finest medical training I can, where there are many opportunities to develop as both a clinician and a scientist, to build upon my experiences through access to a diverse patient population and innovative treatments.  I have seen the residency of my dreams, which lies in the United States.  Already, I have built my resourcefulness born of working in differing set-ups and my ability to work under pressure, particularly in emergencies, in which one must find that intangible balance between clinical and field knowledge.

In the US, to supplement my education, and increase my exposure to the US healthcare system and my ability to communicate effectively with diverse cultures, I have brought my enthusiasm and education, volunteering as a Nutritionist in the Department of Cardiology at XXXX Medical Center.  The work has practiced my knowledge, increased my interpersonal communication abilities, and helped patients with cardiovascular diseases to consider conscious eating, thereby decreasing readmissions.

The US healthcare system is only increasing its representation of diverse populations. I feel that not only my ability to speak four languages fluently, but also my immigrant experience will aid me in attending to the unique needs of our more culturally diverse patients.  The interaction I have with my patients, the doctor-patient relationship, from admittance to discharge, is of the utmost importance to me, to see my patients through from diagnosis to resolution.  Through my education and my career, I have put into practice, as an active physician, all that I have spent years achieving.  This is what I will bring to my Pediatric Medicine residency, and more.

I have seen my role in the field of Medicine.  I will bring everything I am to the field.  For me, being a Pediatrician is a great responsibility, creating foundations with patients that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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