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Residency IM, Bilingual Caribbean Woman

When I am not practicing medicine or cooking, I mostly sing and dance, and pray: a classic Caribbean woman. The oldest of three siblings, I had to shoulder responsibility at a very young age, and this has helped to make me strong. As a result, I thirst for even greater levels of responsibility since fulfilling my duty to my fellow man and woman through the practice of medicine is my greatest joy in life, and very much a part of my spirituality and innermost identity. My mother always encouraged me to be an excellent example for my family. Now I understand better how my struggle has always been characterized by a quest for social transcendence through service. I realized very early on that I wanted to become part of something important, something to which my siblings would look up to. Willing to become a doctor, in a family with no doctors, was a whole revolution, and I also realized that my goal would not be accomplished without sacrifices.

I am fascinated by the human being as cautious and precise, the extraordinary human capacity to transform to survive the unexpected, radically reforming one's way of thinking, priorities, and actions, by the whole perspective of life, our ability to adapt in every way. I focus on our adaptability as key to our capacity to build and fortify our own characters, and determine what type of person we are to become due to our role in the healing process.

My life has always straddled two worlds, since I am a U.S. citizen who was born in the Dominican Republic, yet raised in New York until the age of 12, the most formative years. So, while I see myself as a thoroughly American doctor, due to my multi-cultural facility with language and communication, I am especially pleased by the fact that there is an excellent need for multi-lingual doctors in America, particularly those who are native speakers of both English and Spanish. My academic credentials are perfect all the way through to the USMLE scores, which I hope will afford me the profound privilege of becoming part of your hospital team.

It's my professional experience, perhaps, that speaks loudest among my qualification for a residency position. I have completed many volunteer projects throughout my professional formation. These include vaccination campaigns and working with the Red Cross to rescue and assist hurricane victims. The year that I spent working with the Medical Department of the Fire Fighters of Santo Domingo was especially salient for me.

The enormous responsibility and the numerous obstacles encountered to provide the emergency care that was needed, were very gratifying. Practicing medicine in the Third World has given me outstanding clinical experience, which has helped me to become very resourceful in diagnosing and managing the patient. My experiences with the Firefighters and the Red Cross have enabled me to develop remarkable agility in crises. I feel strongly that these experiences, with the ambulance crew, in particular, have made me a more robust and more versatile physician. I have also done medical consultations and attended and participated in many conferences dealing with various medical issues. Furthermore, I have practiced Internal Medicine in my labor with people living with child cancer, which was also an enriching experience.

I am critically sensitive to questions of patient autonomy and the need to encourage patient abilities to continue to adjust to their individually unique, medical circumstances. I feel that I have a gift a special gift for doctor-patient communication. As a part of my fourth year in a Rural Social Medicine rotation required by my Medical School, I worked in underserved areas of the country, recording histories, performing physical examinations, and making subsequent diagnoses. But my internship at the Medical Unit of the Firefighting Department was where I was finally able to put my abilities into high gear.

I am seeking a position in internal medicine because I find the multidisciplinary nature of this concentration to be incredibly challenging and stimulating, requiring the physician to have top-notch communication skills and bedside manner coupled with a broad base of knowledge and critical thinking skills, to reach an accurate diagnosis based upon a vast pool of research, and to provide successful management and treatment. The role of an internist is the one that most closely matches my abilities. The variety and complexity of the problems encountered in patient care is the area that I find most profoundly exciting the interconnected mysteries, problem-solving asking the right questions. As I see it, knowledge, responsibility, evaluating consequences, and making difficult choices are the four pillars of my career. I seek to become the best vocational example of service to others that I possibly can.

I believe that I am a strong candidate for your residency program because of its ambitious nature; I am looking for a challenge, to become part of an innovative team where we all struggle together for lifelong professional growth. I am a very determined, goal-oriented individual: calm, relaxed, collected, curious, with strong moral values and determination. I'm a fast learner and a natural team player. I also believe that I have the qualities that make for an exceptional resident, including good listening skills, attention to patient care, conscientiousness, compassion, a strong work ethic, a sense of humor and the ability to perform under pressure and adapt. Thank you so much for considering my application to join your team.

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