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Sample Cover Letter Residency Family Medicine

Dear Program Director/Coordinator:

I am writing regarding any Family Practice PGY-1 residency openings that may have opened up at your program. My name is XXXX, and I have graduated from XXXX University this year (March 2010). I am a Canadian IMG, already ECFMG certified, and looking for a J visa position.

I became interested in Family Practice primarily due to the diversity of the patient population and my interest in primary care. Many assets will allow me to excel in a Family Practice residency, especially my calm demeanor and my avid sports background. My training in the third and fourth years of medical school was conducted in many NY hospitals allowing me exposure to a wide variety of patient populations. Energy and diligence are at the forefront of my character, as seen through impressive student evaluations on my MSPE. My interest in holistic care is complemented by my enthusiasm for meditation, personal growth, and development. And I am published.

A qualified leader, being captain of the football team as well as a residence advisor has helped me to become adept at teamwork building. My skills are now geared towards helping patients with medication compliance, and motivating individuals towards their goals, and I constantly enhance my organizational skills.

I seek involvement in complex patient management, which I have been recently reviewing for the step 3 examination.

My documents are all available for download on ERAS (ERAS number: 12235858). I have also enclosed as attachments my CAF, PS, exam results, and MSPE.  I will forward any other information that you might need upon request.

Your time is greatly appreciated, and I eagerly await a personal interview.

1 604 857 0532


Warmest regards,

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