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Residency Family Practice Medicine Underserved

I am committed to becoming a family practice physician in a medically underserved community. I believe that health is a holistic balance of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual, and that each individual functions within a family, a community, and a society. In providing medical care to individuals and families, I also hope to provide leadership in addressing the more significant social and political issues affecting communities worldwide.

My undergraduate studies focused on political science with an emphasis on international development and public policy. As intrigued as I was by politics, policy, and social systems, I came to see the practice of medicine as a more direct and personally fulfilling means of helping people. After college, I had an opportunity to do extensive volunteer experience around the world, including working in a primary care clinic in Chili, working with a midwife in Turkey, and assisting with healthcare research in Cuba. My understanding of health and well-being was broadened and enriched by non-western perspectives and cultures. I have learned how much the United States has to learn about health care delivery and social support systems and gained a new respect for the resources and expertise the United States has to share. These experiences inspired me to enter medical school.

After completing my basic sciences, I took a year off to explore international, community, and public health issues. I was interested in learning about clinical practices in settings without the advantages of modern equipment and technology. I studied at a rural health care project in India, did volunteer work in Calcutta, and did HIV and TB research in Peru. When I returned to medical school to complete my clinical rotations, I found the Family Practice specialty to most closely match my interests. I liked the emphasis on continuity of care, on family systems, on prevention, and on the long-term value of community education.

My extensive experiences around the world have taught me the value of hard work, the need for patience and dedication, and the power of humility and compassion in interacting with patients and families. Even without sophisticated resources, compassionate and dedicated caregivers can be a powerful healing force within communities. I am committed to using my knowledge and my skills to ease suffering.

What I seek in a residency training program is the opportunity to learn and serve within a supportive and inspirational environment. I am looking for opportunities to learn about community medicine, family counseling, healthcare policy, and community education. I want to join a team of professionals who are dedicated to making a difference in a community. In the long term, I am interested in international healthcare research and possibly in teaching.

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