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Residency Emergency Medicine, Volunteer Work

Soon to be finishing medical school, I have been preparing myself for some time for my ultimate goal, to practice medicine as an ER Physician. Beginning at the Natural Sciences Department at the University of XXXX, I was able to develop the initial tools and skills for further development in the biomedical sciences; and I was also selected to form part of the chemical investigation program, which afforded me the privilege of doing basic research and studying diseases from a different perspective. Furthermore, joining the American Medical School Association led to my working in medical education awareness at community health fairs, raising public consciousness concerning nutrition needs. This experience enriched and strengthened my knowledge and skills concerning the foundations of diseases and various crucially crucial public health issues.

To gain additional medical experience during my first two years of medical school, I joined Dr. XXXX's Program, where I had the opportunity to assist with different types of surgeries and learned a great deal about how the emergency room works. I also volunteered at a senior citizen's center, the Wound Care Hyperbaric Ulcer Clinic. I especially enjoyed attending conferences concerning new medications and outpatient clinics with neurologist Dr. XXXX. I have also had the opportunity to participate in research about Mycobacterium Leprae and Lung Cancer, evaluating statistics and genetic predispositions.

I find my most excellent satisfaction in giving, which is why I enjoy volunteer work. As part of my microbiology course, I volunteered with a group to visit elementary schools to teach children about good hygiene. As part of an anatomy course, I volunteered to help orient visitors to our laboratory, encouraging some to study medicine. During my clinical experience as a medical student, I learned that, no matter what complications arise, the patient's quality of life should be the main priority. Being compassionate, empathic, and letting the patient know that I understand their needs, are the essential qualities that I see as necessary to gain the patient's confidence, and I struggle every day to enhance my own abilities in these areas, working hard to become an image of hope for the patient. My central philosophy in life is to work hard and give it my best. I hope to be selected for a position where I might be able to combine clinical practice with fundamental research, allowing me to make the maximum contribution possible to my society.

I love to stay active all the time, teaching, learning, and studying. Passionate about my work, good under pressure, calm, cool, and collected; I can make rapid decisions if necessary. I feel strongly that I am an excellent candidate for your medical residency program in emergency medicine. Participating in an ER residency program would enable me to achieve most of my professional goals, especially the intellectual challenges associated with care for acute and chronically ill patients. I like to be able also to get to know my patients from head to toe and would treasure the opportunity to follow up on them and be able to give them hope by offering the best ongoing support available. After completing a residency position, I would like to apply for a fellowship in the areas of shock and trauma. What I find most challenging and, therefore, attractive, is the need for rapid, precise, and most of all, accurate diagnosis and treatment to save the lives of people brought into the emergency room. And it is precisely here, in shock and trauma that I plan to develop a lifelong career focus dedicated to clinical practice, teaching, and research, thus, fulfilling all of my long-term goals.

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