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Medical Residency Trauma Surgery

I am a young man from India who grew up in Montreal, Canada. I have worked for many years towards the goal of becoming a surgeon, and I count myself incredibly fortunate to share the world of medicine with my wife, who is also Indian and a physician. She is currently in a residency program in Internal Medicine at XXXX Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. For a variety of reasons, until now, we have placed a priority on my wife's career, and now that she is happily settled into a residency position and I am hoping to find one as well. Thus, I am looking for a residency position in Arizona, so that we can be near each other. We feel strongly that we are both better doctors when we can be together. I have always wanted to do surgery, and I love being in the operating room and working with my hands. My colleagues and mentors have assured me that I have the outstanding skill as a surgeon. I feel most satisfied when I am in the OR, the mix of adrenaline and excitement, and it is hard to see myself doing anything else. Being a leader, the responsibility for the patient's life is in your hands; I am drawn to the hands-on nature of surgery. I have long cultivated great skill in my hands, fixing problems, and this has helped to provide me with the confidence to become a surgeon.

I like how surgeons are constantly challenged by patients with highly complicated conditions and forced to make critically important decisions almost immediately. It is indeed an intellectual challenge to take scattered pieces of a puzzle and mold them into a final diagnosis and treatment plan. I sincerely appreciate the immense diversity and enormous variety of problems that one faces in general surgery, which is why I have chosen to develop a particular focus in this area of medicine. I am excited about the immense practical opportunities that practicing surgery affords for professional growth. Thus, I am looking for a residency position in surgery or internal medicine and would very much prefer an Arizona location. I was accepted at XXXX Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, for a PGY1 position in the General Surgery program for 2007-2008. Still, since my ECFMG certification did not come through, I could not fulfill the program's prerequisites.

I feel strongly that my current position has provided me with additional valuable experience that will benefit my future practice. I am a lead investigator in an epidemiologic study of ventilator-associated pneumonia in adult trauma patients with the Department of Trauma Surgery at XXXX Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. I hope very much to be accepted into a medical residency program in Arizona where I could continue to be heavily involved with research and publication as part of my residency.

I look forward to a long and productive professional life as a practicing surgeon and someday also having the privilege of fellowships in the areas of surgery and internal medicine. I am particularly attracted to the practice of trauma surgery as I find this area incredibly challenging and exciting. I see education as a lifelong, daily process, and I would like to teach, as well, at some point later on in my career.

Through my volunteer work at several hospitals, I could much more accurately visualize what my life would be like as a doctor, my window to the future. Besides being actively involved in school activities, I have always found time to give back to the community and maintain a very healthy and conscientious attitude towards life. Serving as Captain of the volleyball and rugby teams, Certified Life Guard, and Vice President of Finance, I have incorporated a healthy balance of academics, athletics, and leadership into my university experience. As a Big Brother for children in St. Lucia, we set up an after-school program for local children, and my years of experience as a team sportsman have helped me to learn how to inspire others and lead as well as follow. At 29, I feel like I am at my optimal point to begin practicing surgery full time: I have a very high energy level and steady concentration with a sharp focus and controlled response.

I am looking forward to long hours, many frustrations, and increasing awareness of the limitations as well as opportunities that exist in a fast-paced, very rigorous medical environment. I am an enormously hard worker with a wealth of medical and technical knowledge. Most of all, I am a compassionate young man and an excellent listener with a practiced sense of humor.

In addition to research, I am currently keeping up my medical education by attending all trauma/grand rounds and lectures at St. Joseph's Hospital in the department of Trauma/General Surgery and serving as a webmaster for the development and maintenance of an interactive website for the Trauma Service of the State of Arizona.

Later on in life, I hope to give something back to humanity by donating my time as a physician in the developing world, probably in my native India. I am a well-traveled man who has seen much of Europe, the USA, and Canada and gotten to know many different cultures; these experiences are some of my greatest treasures, heightening my profound respect for differences in cultural values and customs and the importance of being respectful of those differences. I look forward to giving my all to my patients from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, and social groups. And I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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