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Residency Ob/Gyn, Saudi Arabian

Born into a family that has always encouraged utilizing our inherent gifts, I have succeeded in every academic venture I have undertaken, becoming the first doctor in our family's recent past. I have adopted my parents’ standards of how to conduct myself in life, to be disciplined, and to work hard at everything I undertake. I have an inquisitive nature, enjoying challenges and mysteries. I resolved to take on the intellectual challenges medicine offered and dedicate my life to the pursuit of medicine. Combined with this is how impressed I have been with the compassionate and selfless service of the physicians I've seen in my homeland of Saudi Arabia. Their work has been inspirational for me and, indeed, where my passion lies.

By entering the field of medicine has been fueled by a tragic past. Witnessing the loss of my grandfather to lung cancer, and the mother of my child contracting breast cancer has hardened my resolve to become a Surgeon. This is where I will make a difference for the benefit of society.

During my four years at medical school, I absorbed everything I could about human anatomy, and how the body works as a functioning whole, and my studies led smoothly into my internship, a yearlong program of rotations that exposed me to many specialties. I applied classroom theory to the cases I was presented with and felt a sense of pride and accomplishment with every patient I treated. I took the trust my patients and their families have in my skills and understanding seriously, taking on the responsibility, and feeling compelled to be even more conscientious. I was developing myself as a professional doctor. Each new challenge taught me more skills, sharpening my existing abilities, and confidently awaiting the next challenge.

Of all my work, I have never found more excellent inspiration or fulfillment than with OB/GYN. During my labor ward placement, I was able to participate in deliveries. Watching a video in the classroom of a delivery is fascinating, but being there when a newborn cry for the first time is fulfillment. I used to deliberately take up the work of renewing a newborn whenever I assisted. To watch them cry and move after being in the womb is to participate in nature's greatest wonder.

The work primarily involved the basic gynecologic exam, detection of sexually transmitted diseases, and Pap test screening; aside from the numerous deliveries, tumor removal and assorted infections, assisting with emergent deliveries, cesarean sections, and laparoscopic surgeries, I found the environment overly pleasant as usually there was good news to deliver and good outcomes.

OB/GYN as a specialty lends to the aspiring doctor the rare opportunity to combine humanism and medicine in one incredible thing, and truly impact the lives of those they serve through extensive medical research and the application of compassionate treatment. Interacting with the new mothers was truly rewarding, as well. There was a great deal to impart to them: explaining what to expect in the puerperium period, the importance of prenatal care for expectant mothers, including proper nutrition, regular check-ups as well as appropriate breastfeeding practices. Putting mothers on to this incredible responsibility was to partake in the future health of a new life. Indeed, it is the OB/GYN who evaluates neonates, as well as the mother, catching childhood diseases and practices preventative care from the onset, referring appropriate candidates to the proper specialist; prevention is key to the future health of society.

In addition to my clinical rotations, I give back to the community. I have worked as a Research Assistant with a local community department that works with teens that are recovering from, at-risk, or involved with the abuse of drugs and controlled substances. I consider this work to be a valuable contribution to the community, which has provided me with many rich and varied experiences and opportunities. The future members of my community, the teens, need the same chance to make their lives fruitful and healthy.

Personally, I believe I have a high level of cultural competency. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, speak two languages competently, have an extensive international education, and have traveled to many different countries, both in the developed world and the developing world. I feel that this will aid me tremendously as I work with diverse patients and other medical professionals.

To achieve my goal of becoming an OB/GYN, I need to be exposed to a quality facility that will aid in the further development of my existing clinical skills, while increasing my professional experiences. The prospect of a residency assignment in OB/GYN fascinates me. This is my field, where I feel fulfilled and aim to leave my mark in. I take advantage of opportunities whenever they present themselves. I am intent on filling my time with being the best OB/GYN, promoter of healthy lifestyle choices, and researcher that I can.

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