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Residency Ob/Gyn, Surgery

I received the news that I was accepted into medical school, standing under the Eiffel Tower. In that beautiful and heady spot, I realized that my dream of becoming a physician would indeed come true. Even then, I felt that Obstetrics and Gynecology might be my calling. I have been inspired by my mother and stepmother to appreciate the unique challenges that women in our society face in finding time to care for their own physical, emotional and reproductive health while helping to support their families and care for their children. My experiences during college, working and playing sports with female students of all cultures and economic backgrounds, and my volunteer experiences in oncology and family planning reinforced my interest and concern for women's issues.

During medical school, my desire to practice Obstetrics and Gynecology has grown as my exposure to the specialty has increased. The diversity of the field is particularly appealing. I will be able to care for women from adolescence to well beyond retirement. Obstetrics and Gynecology will allow me to practice preventive medicine and provide continuity of care. Seeing patients regularly for prenatal care and getting to know them and their family is rewarding. I am honored that patients feel comfortable enough with me that they are willing to trust me with confidential personal information to allow me to serve them better. I will have the opportunity to work with women on the challenging issues they face throughout life, from family planning, childbirth, cancer, and surgery to menopause and incontinence. The technical aspects of Obstetrics and Gynecology are also attractive. I take pride in being precise and truly appreciate surgery as an art form.

An essential element of the practice of medicine extends beyond our patients to our colleagues. I not only enjoy working closely with and learning from my peers, but also assisting those coming up behind me. Mentoring a first-year student during my clinical clerkships was gratifying. Helping him feel more comfortable in the hospital by teaching him concepts related to patient care has made me look forward to instructing medical students during my residency and perhaps beyond.

I have accomplished my dreams with the encouragement and support of my parents and sisters. I have learned from them and from my life experience that being able to relate to women in every walk of life requires a well-rounded individual. Since I have moved frequently, staying in close contact with family and friends will remain a priority. Enjoying rollerblading, swimming, exploring my community, even going to the local zoo, and spending time outdoors keeps me in touch with life outside medicine. While travel opportunities have been limited during medical school, I was fortunate enough to backpack through Europe the summer before medical school and spend Spring break in Costa Rica two years ago.

At present, my long-term goal is to practice general Obstetrics and Gynecology. Yet, I am open to and challenged by the potential for pursuing subspecialties if I choose to do so after being exposed to them in more depth.

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