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I feel strongly that I am fully qualified for a residency position in your program in the area of general surgery because of my intense dedication to my education and my work, lifelong education, struggling daily for constant improvement for years, I have achieved a very high degree of focus, patience, and I am a compassionate person that gets along very well with my colleagues. Becoming a surgeon has long been my life-long dream, and the profound privilege of being accepted to join your team will fulfill my personal and career goals for, which I have been laboring my entire life.

Born and raised in a small village in the southern part of India, I am a humble man who has always worked very hard to achieve his dream. My interest in medicine began to take shape in earnest as an adolescent when I watched my brother suffering from appendicitis. We were told that the operation must be done within 24 hours or that he would die; I will never forget the fear in my mother's eyes, especially since we had to travel several hundred kilometers to arrive at a hospital where the surgery could safely take place. On the way, I had fantasies of being able to operate on my brother myself, save his life, and take the acute pain away from my mother. In my youthful mind, the surgeon became a symbol, almost like a god, being able to save lives. Since that time, I have worked very hard every day of my life to become the best possible surgeon.

There are still many villages like mine in India with little to no quality health care. I hope that in the future, I can return to India for periods to help develop medical facilities for the poor and underserved. I worked hard to get into medical school, Kasturba Medical College, which is among the top medical schools in India. I have learned to be highly adaptive, and a quick learner who is comfortable treating people from all walks of life. I am highly adept with new cultures and an excellent communicator with people who speak in various accents. India has so many languages and cultures that this helped me to refine this high degree of flexibility, quickly adapting to local languages to understand patients' feelings better. Throughout my clinical rotations, I have vastly benefitted from my conversations with professors, physicians, and other senior health care workers who have been willing to share their professional knowledge and experiences with me. Sill only 28 years old, I still have a lot to learn but a lifetime ahead of me and a positive attitude, an open mind and heart, humility, diligence, perseverance, and a profound joy in serving others and laboring to make them well.

DOT [Directly Observed Treatment] Program for TB. With an excellent academic record, I enjoy learning and am very eager to become active in educational initiatives. Thriving on what I consider to be one of the most significant challenges of medicine, I have grown comfortable and confident speaking to patients and their families at times in their lives when they often feel panic and helplessness. I have two years of experience doing surgery rotations, where I have become highly adept at practicing the highest standards of clinical proficiency in surgery. I look forward with great zeal to participating in research in the future, medical writing, and critical appraisal. I also learned a great deal about public health and medical issues here in America by completing two semesters in Health Studies at Texas Women's University in Denton. I also have taken credits in cultural diversity with a particular emphasis on diversity issues as they relate to health care. In India, I was uncomfortable with the observation of how some healthcare professionals tend to burden patients with too much information or are not sufficiently open to hearing patient requests or questions; my educational experience in Texas has helped me to more fully appreciate how patient-doctor dialogue is influenced by academic and primarily cultural and factors. A critical thinker with refined problem-solving skills, and an excellent communicator, I am always compassionate to patients, serving as their advocate. My diverse life experiences have helped me to realize that I possess the determination, resilience, mental strength, and compassion to succeed as a valuable asset to your medical team.

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