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Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement Example, Applicant from the Philippines

As a seven-year-old in the Philippines, I decided that I would be a physician. My parents were barely able to afford to educate me and my siblings and I understood, even then, that my goal was not going to be easy to achieve but I never wavered. I worked hard and my reward was entry to a highly prestigious medical school where I was determined to waste no time and to take full advantage of the exceptional facilities and a first class faculty. My early academic and professional journey called for much sacrifice, determination and tenacity but it has been worth all the effort, my career has been enormously satisfying and I retain a determination to learn ever more and to excel in my work.

I was attracted to Internal Medicine during my training rotations because it calls for the holistic approach to medicine which I strongly endorse, also the opportunities to provide preventative health education, the intellectual challenges in making timely and accurate diagnoses, the exciting and constant advances in the development of diagnostic tools, therapeutic techniques and the teamwork involved, all attract me to the specialty. However, above all, I seek the constant and substantial patient contact which I love, and in which I believe I excel.

After ten years of practicing Internal Medicine and five years in Pulmonary and Critical Care in the Philippines, I came here to the United States to attend to my father who was suffering from pancreatic cancer. I accompanied him to his regular check-ups and this provided the opportunity to interact with his impressive medical team which provided many useful insights about US medicine.

My father passed away and I now wish to reconnect with other family members in the US and to practice as an Internist here. In order to do so, I have sought as much exposure to the local medical environment as possible by undertaking externships in several hospitals. These experiences have enabled me to interact with professionals and patients of many social and ethnic backgrounds and I have greatly enjoyed the experience. I realize that the practice of Internal Medicine in the US calls for an exceptional degree of cultural awareness and sensitivity and I am determined to develop these skills to a high degree in order to maximize my effectiveness.  I have also been keeping abreast of the latest developments by extensive reading of specialist journals and reports.

I am very aware that the ageing of the population will present significant challenges in this specialty with an increasing proportion of patients being aged. I come from a culture in which the elderly are treated with particular respect and affection and I have always enjoyed interacting with them. I am also aware that the Filipino population (along with some other Asian populations) in the US suffers a highly disproportionate number of deaths caused by high blood pressure/cardio-vascular disease. I have been an enthusiastic volunteer in Community Health Outreach and Preventative Health Care Campaigns in the Philippines and hope that I might be a part of the solution to this serious problem here in the US by advising on, and encouraging, appropriate dietary and life-style changes to affected populations. I have been raised to regard voluntary work as an obligation rather than a choice and so I also hope to join a foundation which will enable me to offer some of my time and skills to the marginalized and medically under-served.

I am fully fluent in English and Tagalog. I have travelled widely throughout south-east Asia and look forward to travelling throughout the US to experience its contrasts in landscape and culture.

To summarize: I have substantial experience in the specialty; I have a good academic record and I have gained significant exposure to the local medical environment. However my main recommendation is a love of the specialty, the patient contact involved and the variety of the intellectual and professional challenges that it presents.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for a Fellowship in Pulmonary Critical Care.

Shortly after completing my degree and an internship in General Medicine in my native India in 2003, I moved to the UK to broaden my medical education and practice in the Developed World in order to learn as much as I could about the resources and challenges that present themselves in the cutting-edge practice of medicine. It was in the UK, working as a staff physician in several different hospitals that I began to gravitate towards what I intend to make my lifetime specialization in Medicine: Respiratory and Pulmonary Critical Care. Since I came to America to further my experience in 2010, I spent 3 years at the XXXX Medical Center in XXXX, Illinois serving as a Staff Hospitalist and for the past 2 years I have had the great privilege of teaching Medicine at the Medical College in XXXX where I serve as an Academic Hospitalist and an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine.

Infectious Diseases Fellowship Personal Statement Sample

Having been fortunate to have spent many months treating a variety of infectious diseases as part of my responsibilities as a Resident in Internal Medicine at XXXX University (2015 – 2018), I have fallen in love with the challenge, singular importance, and the great need that exists worldwide for fighting Infectious Disease (ID) - containing, controlling, and exterminating them to the extent to which it is possible. I now hope very much to be selected for a Fellowship Position at XXXX University in ID, so that I might continue to labor on behalf of our very special medical community; and in an especially critical area. In particular, I appreciate how XXXX allows participants to tailor their fellowship in accordance with their career goals to some extent.

I have many clinical mentors here at McMaster who I would very much like to continue to learn from – particularly with respect to global health and the MacGlobal Program. I feel that your fellowship program at McMaster represents my ideal springboard upon which I might be able to realize my maximum contribution to global health in terms of both research and practice. Remaining at McMaster would provide me with an opportunity and privilege of continuing to cultivate collegial relationships with our academic community, perhaps going to Namibia, for example, with Dr. Chagla and contributing to his most notable efforts in that country.

Throughout my time in medical school at the University of XXXX (2011- 2015), I increasingly gravitated towards ID, gradually realizing that it is in this area that I plan to specialize and give my all for the balance of my professional life. This sentiment has continued to grow throughout the course of my residency program at XXXX, seizing every opportunity to enhance my understanding in this area of global medicine. I am attracted to the inherently global nature of ID, the enormous challenges and possibilities and I hope to be selected for a fellowship program in ID so as to further advance my clinical acumen and focus in this area.

While I am widely traveled, especially in the Developing World, it was my trip to Africa where I volunteered for weeks on the front lines of our global battle against HIV where I felt as if a blindfold had been lifted from my eyes concerning the global nature of ID. I also experienced first-hand the breadth and impact of what medicine could – and could not - do for victims of IDs.  Ever since then, I have been especially fascinated by the vast array of ways that infections are manifest, and the impact they have on both individuals and society as a whole. 

I spend a lot of time reading about the evolutionary nature of ID, staying abreast of the literature concerning emerging infectious, generally speaking, how they are related to climate change and human migration in particular.  What excites me the most is the novelty and ever-changing landscape of ID, resistant organisms, travel, and therapeutics. Africa, especially, filled me with curiosity concerning the nature of infectious diseases and the ability of medicine to stop them in their tracks. I look forward to a lifetime of community practice, as much as possible in the Developing World – continuing to develop my special focus on Africa in the context of global health. Fully dedicated to lifelong education and research, I would like to study at or collaborate at some point with the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

I have dedicated a lot of time to research in the past; but it has been patient care that has most consumed me during my residency. I love the interaction with my patients, conversations at the bedside, and the discussions about what we can do to remedy their problems. I look forward to continuing to practice General Medicine at the same time that advance in the area of ID, as the two go nicely hand-in-hand. I am fortunate to have found a discipline that inspires me in the way that Internal Medicine does, particularly when combined with a special focus on ID. I firmly believe that the insight I have acquired from my diverse international experiences, the strengths that I have demonstrated in my numerous leadership positions, and the passion that I have for this awe-inspiring field of Internal Medicine, will enable me to make important contributions to research in ID at McMaster.

I look forward to continuing to contribute to the celebration of diversity at McMaster as I find special joy in multicultural events. Serving as a Youth Leader in northern Canada, leading a group of Inuit youth to Botswana for an international development placement, I felt right at home. I spent two years in Swaziland coordinating a national HIV/AIDS program called ‘Leaders in Training’, which worked to strengthen the implementation of public health programming across the country.

I thank you for considering my application to your competitive Fellowship Program in Infectious Diseases at XXXX University.

Sample 1st Paragraph Internal Medicine Residency, Saudi Woman

I am a woman doctor from Saudi Arabia who hopes to be accepted to your distinguished Residency Program in Internal Medicine because I am a very hard working doctor who has now acquired significant experience that will help me to excel.  Since May of this year I have had to profound privilege of participating in a Medical Research Fellowship Program at XXXX University in XXXX, XX, serving as a clinical observer for 12 hours each week, shadowing physicians and contributing to discussions concerning numerous aspects of patient care.

Insights on being a foreign medical grad.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for a Residency in Internal Medicine, Ethiopian Woman Doctor

Still only 25 years, I am a young woman from Ethiopia who is an accomplished physician. I like to think that I have very much to contribute as a new resident to a demanding program on the cutting edge of medicine, and I am pleased that this is reflected in my USMLE scores. I love the way that medicine is increasingly global and that everything that I learn in your program will someday help not only those who suffer in America, but in Africa as well.

General Internal Medicine physician at Mayo Clinic

Sample 1st Paragraph for Fellowship in Pulmonary/Critical Care

A doctor of humble origins in my native Yemen, I was able to leave and become an internationally trained doctor, first in Egypt where I finished medical school and later in Qatar where I have completed a 4 year residency position in internal medicine and I am now completing a fellowship in pulmonary medicine. I have also spent 2 years in the USA and I am a highly competent communicator in English. My long term goal is to someday return to my native Yemen, where I feel that I am needed most as a physician. Completing your distinguished fellowship program in Pulmonary/Critical Care will be the crowning achievement of my life so far and will prepare me to make my ultimate contribution to medicine for the long term in one of the world’s poorest and unstable countries.

Northwestern Medicine Residency Coordinator

Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement, Syrian Doctor

Throughout my professional training, I was particularly attracted to Internal Medicine. I worked for 2 years in a family clinic and undertook a 12 month internship in Internal Medicine. This exposure to the specialty has totally confirmed me in my choice of career path. I have supplemented this training by undertaking an observership in the specialty, in seeking as much exposure as possible to the specialty in my role as a volunteer physician and in reading specialist journals to keep abreast of developments.

I am particularly attracted to this area of medicine because it calls for the holistic approach which I strongly endorse. The opportunities to provide preventative health education, the intellectual challenges in making timely and accurate diagnoses, the exciting and constant advances in the development of diagnostic tools, therapeutic techniques and the teamwork involved, all attract me to the specialty. However, above all, I seek to have a career which involves constant and substantial patient contact which I love and in which I excel.

My goal is to acquire the specialist skills, knowledge and experience to enable me to undertake useful research in the specialty and also, ultimately, to teach aspiring Internists. It is my intention, once qualified, to continue voluntary work among my community.

I had the privilege of attending a highly prestigious medical school in Iran, the Shahid Beheshti  University of Medical Sciences in Tehran which has an acknowledged reputation for excellence in training and research with 4 research institutes, 62 research centers and also includes 12 educational hospitals which serve very large and diverse communities where interned for 18 months.  I was elected head of the Foreign Students Association, being entrusted to assist and represent students of more than 20 nationalities. I was also elected to be university’s representative in the National Union of Syrian Students (N.U.S.S) in Iran.  I was also invited to work as Health News editor and interviewer at Arabic Kawther TV and News TV.

Having qualified in 2008, I returned to my native Syria where I worked in a private family clinic for two years. I dealt with a wide range of patients and conditions and honed my diagnostic skills and successfully created relationships based on patients’ trust and confidence which is basic in the specialty. From 2010 to 2012, I undertook my internship in Internal Medicine/Psychiatry at a hospital in Syria during which time I drafted a plan for the creation of a competitive and much more challenging internship program. My suggestions were adopted and I received an award from the Ministry of Health for my work in medical education. I regard my choice of psychiatry as my second internship to be exceedingly useful to an aspiring Internist. It provided me with valuable insights into the way that the mind works and the ways in which distress is manifested and it made me sensitive to non-verbal communication and its role in diagnosis.

Following my rotation in Ibn Roshd Hospital, I initiated the establishment of a research team committee there. This initiative coincided with growing instability in the country. I initially intended to ‘ride the storm’ but, eventually the chaos became such that, for the sake of my family, I decided to make a future in the U.S.

Shortly, after my arrival I began to prepare for the US Board Exams.  I volunteered in Alaqsa Community Clinic and familiarized myself with the US medical system by undertaking an observership at XXXX Hospital and, recently, an externalship at XXXX Regional Health Care. Apart from the invaluable experience gained, I was introduced to EPIC recording software which is so useful in the specialty.  During my studies I have also worked with Church World Services to help refugees resettle in North Carolina. It has been inspirational to hear so many stories of obstacles and challenges overcome by those seeking new and better futures.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the research experience gained to date. I believe that the characteristics required of a good researcher such as determination, critical thinking, originality, creativity, communication skills and team working significantly overlap with those called for in an excellent internist. I would not be making this application if I did not believe that I possess these characteristics and the potential to develop them further within the program and in my future career.

I have happily worked with, treated and socialized with people of many social and ethnic backgrounds. I am fascinated by new cultures and actively seek to learn about them and to share knowledge of my own. I am very interested in languages and in addition to my native Arabic, I am fluent in English and Farsi, and am an advanced student of German. Once I have acquired fluency in German, I intend to learn other languages, perhaps Spanish as it is so widely spoken in the U.S. and will therefore have an immediate professional application. I enjoy the mental challenge involved in playing chess and enjoy keeping fit by general exercise, playing golf, hiking and canoeing.

To summarise, I have a good grounding in the specialty, research experience, proven academic ability, the personal characteristics and, most importantly, passion for the specialty that I am confident will enable me to excel as an Internist.

Thank you for considering my application.