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Sample LOR for Radiology Fellowship Program

Re: Letter of Recommendation for Dr. XXXX

Dear Program Director:

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. XXXX as an applicant to your distinguished Fellowship Program in Body and Cardiothoracic imaging. I am a Professor of Radiology and Chief of the Body Imaging Section at XXXX Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida and I have been working closely with Dr. XXXX for the past two years. I am fully convinced that she is one of our most promising and hardworking physicians and I often serve as her immediate supervisor. I have been in this position for approximately 10 years and I can think of no resident that we have had who excels more as a Radiologist or has more to offer to our profession. Dr. XXXX stands out in the crowd as an especially dedicated and effective Radiologist.

A medical graduate of San Marcos National Major University in Peru, after earning her MD, XXXX served as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute, at the University of XXXX XXXX School of Medicine. This was a great honor for a foreign student fresh out of medical school as it is highly competitive and speaks volumes about the potential that XXXX has to contribute to research in medicine. Her contributions at the University of XXXX led to several high impact publications in prestigious journals, including Nature Protocols, Circulation, Circulation Research, and JAMA, among others, as detailed in her curriculum vitae. She was also recognized as a Finalist for the Melvin Judkins Young Investigator Award in 2014.

Over the course of the past two years in our Radiology Residency Program, XXXX has demonstrated great concern about the quality of her work and has showed a keen knack for uncovering pertinent patient information. She spends long hours staying abreast of developments in our field and makes regular, very important contributions to patient care in our hospital. XXXX is a confident, articulate individual with a very pleasant disposition and she is always a great pleasure to work with. She is consistent, dedicated, determined to succeed, and reliable. I expect her to continue excel in her scholarly accomplishments in years to come. I have no doubts that she will be a great asset to our field as she is fully committed to her future as a Radiologist. I could not recommend Dr. XXXX more highly since I am most confident that she will exceed the expectations of any program that selects her as a trainee for a fellowship position. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


LOR Interview Template

Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

Professors, doctors, and employers, in general, are all very busy people. They do not have the time and energy to write letters of recommendation for all of the students, assistants, etc. who need them to write letters of recommendation on their behalf. As a result, they often have little choice but to tell the student applicant that he needs to write his or her own letter of recommendation. I am happy to write these letters of recommendation on your behalf for $149.00 each. All that you need to do is fill out my LOR Interview Form and answer any additional questions that I might have by email.

How to ask for a residency letter of recommendation. It's based on a longitudinal relationship and strong followup

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