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The Humanitarian Side of Osteopathic Medicine

Doing humanitarian work is underrated. It can help you renew your passion for osteopathic medicine, help you remember the great things you can do, and, of course, help others. It can improve your skills, your creativity and your people skills. Sound appealing? Let´s look at how you can get involved.

Volunteering Overseas

Dr. Banks, DO, volunteered in Cochabamba, Bolivia. He was shocked by the severity of the illness he saw in his patients and came across a lot of problems that don´t exist in the U.S. One woman had a tumor in her head that had grown to the point that her entire facial region was distorted. He made arrangements to help her travel to a larger city to get more advanced care. Dr. Banks completed more medical missions trip in Bolivia and Kenya during his medical school and residency programs. He later moved to Burundi with his family, for a 5-year volunteer appointment at a rural hospital. In Burundi, there are only three physicians for every 100,000 patients.

In June, 2016, Nova Southeastern University´s College of Osteopathic Medicine is accepting applications for their Jamaica Medical Outreach Program. This is one example of how to get involved through your school. Want to join a team and head to the Caribbean? Find out about this specific program here.

Volunteer Forever also organizes volunteer placements for osteopathic doctors and pre-med students in Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Tanzania. Check out what they can offer you.

Volunteering Locally

There are so many opportunities out there that it can be a little overwhelming. But you don’t need to go overseas to help others. Dr. Maria Brown loves her work at Pilsen Homeless Health Services, and enjoys showing patients that they are valued and that seeking health care doesn´t have to be difficult or embarrassing. Here´s more on her and other DO´s humanitarian work experience stories.

A How-to Guide

Rose Raymond wrote a how-to guide on medical missions for The DO, about Lisa Marie Piwoszkin, DO, a seasoned traveler who helped patients in Guatemala during her residency and completed a spiritual mission in Haiti as a medical student. She says that her missions broadened her horizons and built her character.